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Macomb County, MI, Metro Detroit, real estate, REALTOR® I enjoy working with home buyers in all areas of Macomb County MI, especially first time home buyers. Born and raised here in Michigan, I am familiar with all areas of Macomb County and St. Clair & Oakland counties.



Over the course of the last couple of years I have often been asked to help people in situations in which I have no expertise or is not in my "comfort zone". When I am asked to help a seller with the short sale of his/her home, or to participate in helping a buyer rent a home with the option to ...
Looking through my calendar today I realized that first time home buyers in my area (Macomb County MI) who wish to purchase this year in order to take advantage of the (up to $8000) 1st time home buyers tax credit could run out of time if they don't start the process soon. BUSINESS DAYS LEFT BEF...
One of the things that I'm asked by home buyers is "Can you recommend a home inspector".   Of course I can, I can recommend several Macomb County MI home inspectors.   I do like my home buyers to choose the inspectors themselves though after speaking with several and interviewing them. A young fi...
Below is a tips & guideline article that I have written for my Macomb County MI home buyers who have inquired about purchasing a foreclosure (bank owned home) in Macomb County.  They have all found it very helpful to read this before we begin looking at the foreclosures.  I hope it helps you also...
One of the clauses on our purchase offer form is this (paraphrased): The offer to purchase will expire on _________ _________. _______. Notice the blank lines?   That's for the real estate agents and their buyer clients to put in a date in which the offer will expire, otherwise known as "Seller, ...
There is an interesting case hitting a local court in which a message board user said some rather unflattering things about a local city official on a news based message board and is now being sued for saying typing those words. The local city official took much offense to those words and conside...
If you've read anything about purchasing a home in Macomb County MI over the last few months then you've certainly come across many articles detailing the difficulty in getting the mortgage loans through the processing end of things.  Some of the areas in which your buyers agent (you do have one...
It appears that the Township of Chesterfield (Macomb County MI) has decided to get in to the "buy a foreclosure - sell it for a profit" business. The Macomb Daily has reported that Chesterfield Township has purchased two foreclosed properties and is going to auction them, hopefully for a profit. ...
In a market where frustration levels are high for both consumers (both buyers and sellers) real estate professionals often take a verbal bashing by not only the consumers, but sadly sometimes by each other. Today I wanted to praise a fellow Metro Detroit real estate professional in public and to ...
I've been noticing a strong trend over the last 6 months with home buyers in my area (Macomb County MI) and last months analysis of our housing market verified it all for me nicely. FHA and VA mortgages are truly the Kings and Queens of financing for home buyers in our area. As the new appraisal ...

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