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Macomb County, MI, Metro Detroit, real estate, REALTOR® I enjoy working with home buyers in all areas of Macomb County MI, especially first time home buyers. Born and raised here in Michigan, I am familiar with all areas of Macomb County and St. Clair & Oakland counties.



Can we be kinder to each other please? It doesn't take a degree in economics to understand that people are hurting financially. All we have to do is look around us at the people within our own industry to know that the real estate market down turn has hurt more than just homeowners.  It's hurt al...
Every home buyer wants a bargain.  I love bargains myself.  However, your home purchase won't feel like much of a bargain if you miss out on the deadline for the first time home buyers tax credit because you waited for months for a reply on your offer to purchase a short sale property.  In the n...
A recent caller asked if the (up to) $8000 first time home buyer tax credit is able to be used if they choose to use a VA mortgage. Yes, yes YES.    One of the confusing bits of misinformation is that the 1st time home buyers tax credit can only be used with an FHA mortgage.  That is not true.  ...
Awesome article in this mornings The Detroit News regarding the FTC and its new stance on bloggers and the articles they write touting products. I'm not one who wants controls on speech, but I have to tell you I agree with the FTC on this one.   If I'm going to receive a free cruise and then writ...
Last month a buyer client of mine closed on the purchase of her condo and was absolutely thrilled. As she wasn't a first time home buyer she isn't able to receive the First Time Home Buyers tax credit, but is happy about the wonderful condo that she bought at a terrific price. I've heard from sev...
Waaay back in 2008 (sure seems like a long time ago!) many, if not most real estate professionals agreed that some of the signs that the bottom of the real estate market had hit was when we saw the following: Interest rates rising. Multiple offers on homes - privately owned as well as foreclosure...
Carole Provenzale left a comment on one of my articles that inspired this post.  Thank you Carole! One of the areas of our profession that my clients routinely express their surprise at is the length of time it takes to complete each part of their transactions. We come from such a hurry up societ...
Caution - true story below.   (Specifics changed to protect the privacy of someone but the meat and potatoes are there.) Last week I received an email from a future Macomb County MI home buyer.  The email was cc'd to approximately 30 other Macomb County real estate professionals.  In the email t...
Inevitably a phone call from a prospective home purchaser gets the wheels running inside of my head and I ask the question: "Could I have your permission to write a blog article about your question?" With thanks to Lisa for her wholehearted agreement, here was her question: "My apartment lease i...
I had an interesting conversation with a co-worker the other day.  (Hello to Greg Ouilette!) He had attended a class in which the instructor was reiterating the need for an exlusive buyers agency contract.  The instructor (can't remember his name, sorry) stated that without it we could be holdin...

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