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So it's 40 in Funkytown and 70 in Big D yesterday around noon. No, I'm not talking about the housing market or anything related, at this point, this famous or infamous Texas weather is nutso right now. I think I just heard and felt thunder rattle my wall decor for 20 seconds straight. What I'm d...
Earlier this year I wrote the below post about this 2013 DFW housing market. This new and improved seller's market! I wanted to re-visit the post today. Because we are wrapping up the year as we wrap up these presents and reflecting... it's still a strong market in DFW today! Yay! ... Have you ev...
If ever there was a house with a history, I am selling it. In fact, I would classify it more as infamy. See, I subscribe to a foreclosure list and my investors beat it down. They buy houses at the court house steps and they take on the biggest amount of risk imaginable. They even buy condemned h...
#1  Organize and clean. De-clutter! Items like rarely used kitchen appliances, out-of-season clothes, half the toys, and dusty exercise equipment need to GO. Store items off-site or in boxes neatly arranged in storage areas. Clean windows, floors, fixtures, walls and baseboards to make the interi...
What is fair market value of a property, anyway? Consumers are prone to looking at tax value from public records, Zillow, Trulia or they take their appraisal from their loan or refi x years ago. These are all... wrong. Those "market values" are good for the purpose intended: (a) estimates (b) at ...
Brooke is seven years old. She's a spirited little girl with a wicked sense of humor. She wrote out five rules today and they made me laugh, so I thought I'd share. Noooo.... they have nothing to do with real estate! But this is a real estate blog, so I titled the post five rules for real estate....

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