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Sanity dictates you get the best possible deal when involved in a Real Estate transaction. No one wants to give away the farm. And no one wants to pay an arm and a leg for the farm! The best possible contract terms that allow you to accomplish the goals that are of the most importance to you shou...
Surprise!  Same house style, same updates and maintenance, and on the same street, but one house sold for $25,000 less than the other.  How does that happen?  It might surprise you to discover that one poorly kept home on a street can adversely affect the price of all the homes on the street.  Or...
Anytime I title a blog "__ in Texas" I feel like I should begin with, "Howdy." But it's not Toy Story, it's a real estate blog. So speaking of real estate in Texas this summer, here are some home buyer tips and trends, especially when making a purchase offer, that are relevant to the hot DFW Kell...
Never having been a name-brand girl, People Magazine reader, "be cool" "rock star" enthusiast a lot of folks are, titles and names alone are not what impress me. Never have. It's the work for that accomplishment, the accumulation of brains, creative genius that go with notoriety that are impressi...
Sounds like a Metroplex dating service, but it's not! It's Meetups to network about the hot 2013 DFW summer real estate market -- how are industry pros managing to survive it!? We can try to appreciate these 100+ temperature days showing vacant Texas houses sometimes with no AC on or we can enjoy...

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