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If your house is anything like mine, the last few weeks have been much quieter at home. The kids have gone back to school and I find myself looking around and thinking, “It's organize time! Cleanout time! Time to spruce up and welcome the new season!” Inspired by the changing seasonal colors (my ...
Brooke is seven years old. She's a spirited little girl with a wicked sense of humor. She wrote out five rules today and they made me laugh, so I thought I'd share. Noooo.... they have nothing to do with real estate! But this is a real estate blog, so I titled the post five rules for real estate....
Have you ever stood waiting in line with people around you talking so loudly you can’t help but overhear their convo?  It was obvious the couple in front of me was upset, so I don’t count it as eavesdropping. They were loud enough for the whole store to hear.  Seems they were trying to purchase ...
Keller ISD invites parents to join in this Thursday, Sept. 19th at 9:00 a.m. at Keller ISD schools district-wide as KISD officially launches its anti-bullying campaign. The program is called Reaching Out with Character and Kindness (ROCK), and the Kickoff Event is from 9:00-9:30 a.m. Thursday, Se...
Pssst. Want to be let in on a secret?   You know that old real estate cliché Location! Location! Location? You’ve heard it, right? There’s a secret to using it to your advantage when selling real estate. Oh, yeah and there’s a secret to how it applies when buying real estate.    Remember, there ...
Sounds like a nursery rhyme, doesn't it? 7 Specifics to Successful [[[HOME]]] Sales a Seller Should Know. And my son added, "Placing brackets on 'home' like that makes your title look like it's wearing a bow-tie!" Why yes, Dr. Who fan, yes, it does. On to the 7 tips today... Successfully completi...

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