Cully (Portland, OR)
By Sara Goodwin, Portland, Oregon Appraiser
(Estimation Nation Corporation)
It's puppy season and this means a higher dog populous at your local shelter. To assist in remedying the lack of kennel space, the Oregon Humane Society is offering a ‘Black Friday Special'.... On Black Friday (November 28th) the shelter is adopting out any animal with a majority of black in it's coloring for half the adoption fee.  Unfortunately shelters across the country experience a smaller adoption rate for animals that are primarily black over animals with multi or lighter solid colorings. You can see by looking at OHS's first page of adoptable dogs.  Fourteen out of twenty dogs on this page have a majority of black coloring (and I'm not even counting ‘Berta' the dog they used for the ‘Black Friday Special' article).  Dogs are not the only animals with the color stigma. Black cats...
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