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I found these easy to understand summary steps into Appraiserhood.  I would like to fill in some of the missing and perhaps misinformed information from this instructional page. Mine suggestions are in italics.                                                                 1.First, check with yo...
  After many months of go-go-go, work has finally slowed for me and many of my appraiser colleagues in the area.  At first the break was welcome, but after several weeks we all start sweating bullets (you would think we'd be used to the ebb and flow of this business by now).  Did we put our eggs ...
No eminent domain issues here.... This reminds me of a Bugs Bunny Cartoon ~ Source:
This is a repost from TEDxHouston 2010 (if you have yet to become a TED talk addict, I suggest you look into it) , but the message is refreshing... or angering ... or discouraging ... or hopeful....  however you choose to view it - Dan Phillps: Creative houses from reclaimed stuff                ...
It all started years ago with the idea of renting an RV for a camping trip. Once we looked into the cost of renting, Dave started comparing the cost to rent verses own an RV.  I gave him plenty of reasons as to why this was a bad idea… okay, I can only remember two at the moment.  One:  I’m too y...
A Portland developer is starting a 29 dwelling site of micro-homes ranging from approximately 360+ to 650+ square feet. The houses prices are yet to be determined. It is located in a bike and transit friendly part of the city, which is essential as there will be no room for anything more than lim...
If you were appraising this house, would you make the assumption that the highest and best use is the current use?  Of course, you would need to know location, zoning, condition, surrounding buildings, etc.... but....                          This renowned piece of Portland architecture was torn ...
Below is an email that was sent by probably the most deligent and respected AMC that I sometimes work with (when we agree upon fees, which has caused a strain in our working relationship lately).  In addition to some of the crazy client requirements like aerial photos, this AMC kindly brings up i...
This morning I received the following letter from the only AMC with a marginally real estate educated staff and near full fee appraisals that I accept appraisals from.                                                - 0 - In an effort to reduce overall costs, [E] Services has began an initiative t...
I was just offered a field review assignment with the fee based on whether or not I agreed upon the original appraisal. This company offered more if my opinion differed from the original report siting the additional work involved. I can't argue with the fact that more work is involved if the rev...

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