Barrington Village (Raleigh, NC)
By Tamara Heyward
Ā  The Wall Street Journal Online has a piece today about Raleigh's Barrington Village and its developer, Builders of Hope. This neighborhood is one of the smartest uses of human and social capital and environmental responsibility I've ever seen. The idea is beautiful in its simplicity: Instead of knocking down old homes to make way for new ones, homeowners donate the homes to Builders of Hope. Builders of Hope moves the house free of charge. The owner keeps a demolished home out of the landfill, gets a tax deduction, and avoids the evil eye of neighbors for tearing down the home. Builders of Hope relocates the house to its development, rehabs it, makes it energy efficient, and sells it to someone that needs affordable housing. Along the way, they employ homeless workers in the construct...
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By Darleen McCullen, Broker - Raleigh, NC Real Estate
Recently, I had the good fortune of meeting a general contractor who works for a non-profit organization called Builders of Hope in Raleigh, NC. This organization moves homes that ordinarily would be torn down to other locations where they can be designated as affordable housing. (In Raleigh and surrounding areas, housing prices average more than $220,000, according to stats published from the local Board of Realtors.)For those who have clients who think they may not be able to afford housing in the Triangle, you may wish to contact Builders of Hope. The Community is called Barrington Village and is located approximately 15 minutes from downtown Raleigh. View Site Plans and amenities at: The Website indicates that applicants qualify if their in...
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