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It looks like things are heating up as we start to close out round 1 of the $8000 tax credit. Round 2 is up in the air because the Obama administration could come in with a solid knockout as November 30 draws to a close. My recap reminds of the song my kid would listen to with all friends "Who le...
Free Single Property Website for 20 NC Real Estate Brokers in the Triangle Area of North Carolina. I am testing out a single property website system and need 20 Brokers to test it on their listings. I would prefer Real Estate Brokers in the Triangle Area, but will consider Brokers outside the are...
$8000 Tax Credit First Time Home Buyers is just about over even though the program does not end until November 30. The reason being is most First Time Home Buyers will be obtaining financing through FHA. Well, processing an FHA loan is not a sprint. It is more like an arduous marathon. FHA being ...
Let me ask you a question… “Do you find yourself saying “if only I had the time I would…” or my favorite “if I could only stop time and catch up and…” NEWS FLASH:  You will never “have” the time and you will never be able to stop time and catch up. We are so incredibly programmed by our habit and...

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