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Bill Austin came to AZhttp and East Valley Living as a wireless systems engineer and Internet security architect who has done work in Bluetooth, WiFi and non Wifi compliant Wireless LAN, UMTS, CDMA and a variety of other wireless technologies. He was the first chairman of the Bluetooth SIG Security Experts Group and was involved in the architecture and systems engineering of the Wofford College Wireless LAN project.

An accomplished Systems Engineer with extensive experience in Security and Internet Architecture, Information Systems and Project Management. Proven successes in defining and developing complex systems and problem solving involving wireless and Internet technologies as well as the invention of integrated systems applications. Internet marketing expert with extensive experience in improving bottom line performance for medium sized manufacturing and distribution company marketing efforts. Bill Austin is a well known SEO Expert with expertise in Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Integrated marketing Solutions, including viral marketing, and guerilla marketing.Inventor of Record on the following US patents7,177,819 Wireless intelligent real estate electronic lock box 6,624,742 Wireless intelligent real estate sign and electronic lock box 6,487,180 Personal information system using proximity-based short-range wireless links 6,434,158 Entryway system using proximity-based short-range wireless links 6,424,623 Virtual queuing system using proximity-based short-range wireless links 4,284,834 Diethynyl aromatic hydrocarbons which homopolymerize and char efficiently after cure 4,180,649 Homopolymerizable acetylene-terminated tetraimines and process for making same





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