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Here's a great tutorial for adding dynamic maps to your website or blog. Tech savvy touches like this will make your page more interactive and look professional. Following this tutorial you can create a custom map of your service area, highlight your office location, or feature upcoming open hous...
Did you know that up to 40% of U.S. municipal solid waste is paper?! That comes to more than 70 million tons of paper heading to the landfills each year. In the age of the technical revolution it’s almost hard to believe these numbers. Green your office by cutting down on your paper usage and goi...
  Facebook can be a powerful part of your social media toolkit. In fact, around 80% of real estate professional are using facebook! Here are some helpful tips on building your facebook network.      Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has more than proven itself to be an effective way to embarrass...
We are having live webinars throughout the month of July to demo Quicksilver Real Estate Solutions! Whether you’re interested in: Effective lead generation Upgrading your web presence Complete contact management IDX integration this webinar will cover how Quicksilver can help you generate more le...

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This is a blog about the best of real estate technology: contact management, websites, transaction management, marketing tools, and more. Learn how you use technology more efficiently and effectively for your real estate business.

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