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  LinkedIn can be an important part of a Realtor's online presence and knowing how to optimize your profile and interaction is key. If you haven't made one yet or haven't started using LinkedIn answers, here is a great guide for everything you'll need to make LinkedIn work for you!   Updating my ...
  Sometimes half the battle with marketing is knowing where to find good resources. Here is a great list of tools to help you write, organize, promote, and monitor your blog!     If you're like me, there's never enough time in a day.  We're juggling everything from real estate to blogging to soci...
With the internet becoming the go-to place for resources, it's understandable that having a knowledge of online marketing is necessary. One of those resources is Twitter and understanding its many complexities is the key to moving you up in the world of real estate. 1) Set Up: Customization is t...
Click-to-call features are popping up all over the web. For anyone who is still mystified by these widgets, click-to-call is a new way to turn web based traffic into direct communication with potential customers. You’ve probably seen these click-to-call icons on everything including blog posts, w...

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Websites and Contact Management
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This is a blog about the best of real estate technology: contact management, websites, transaction management, marketing tools, and more. Learn how you use technology more efficiently and effectively for your real estate business.

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