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This first quarter's exciting release is our New MLS Search.It has been designed to provide a similar look to the large search portals that many people visit.We wanted to make sure your website gives visitors a familiar place to find homes.By reducing the learning curve your clients often face, w...
 The real estate springtime rush is here- make sure your pipeline is fully nourished for spring.The average person knows 3 real estate agents.  It's time to eliminate the other 2 real estate agents that are going after the same business you are going for this spring.You have days to let your past...
The Annual Campaign – Sorting and Throw Away TipHave you updated your Annual Campaigns lately? If not, you may be sending out the same one you did last year.Go to Client Relationship Management and then to Follow Up CampaignClick on each of your Annual Campaigns and:Choose a different message/Cha...
February's week-by-week Real Estate Springtime Rush Plan   Week 1: Make sure all contact records have at least one MLS search or Seller's Corner notification active at all times (even if they only receive the alerts once a month). Scan your database for incomplete records (missing info like phone...
January 2016 PropertyMinder Newsletter. Your monthly dose of all things real estate marketing.  New AccelerAgent Website TemplatesPart of proper AccelerAgent spring cleaning is deciding if you are satisfied with the look and feel of your website.If you are a customer of ours and would like to you...
   There's less than a month before Spring is "officially" here. This is your early bird chance to get fully equipped with the best "reach out" practices.This is more than a CRM marketing tool. It's learning to: a) entice, grab and keep the focus on you...b) engage in practices that distinguish y...
  What makes a "great agent," great?   Is it their perceived success as they show up in a luxury car, wearing Italian shoes, a shiny watch on their wrist, wearing a perfectly-tailored suit? Since real estate is not conducted on a red carpet or on the set of a James Bond film, these things are re...
 FACT: 80% of folks say they'll use the same agent. Only 13% actually do. FACT: The average person knows 3 agents. You need to make the right move. Fast. Seller's Corner makes you THE one folks turn to again when it matters most: when they're ready to sell or list. Kick-starting this exclusive to...
Spring, real estate agents' busiest season, is less than 2 months away!Start taking small steps everyday towards springtime success.1. Improve relationships through targeted marketing. 2. Connect yourself and your clients to EVERY listing on the market.3. Brand yourself to every listing. The list...
We're more than half way through January. Spring, the busiest time of the year for real estate agents,is around the corner.2 months go by quickly! You know this. Why not make one or two edits to your website,to be a cut above the rest once the competition gets hot?Stick to your New Year's resolu...

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