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Free summertime email textSubject line: Any exciting summer plans?(Feel free to shorten this as you like or use it as a guide for your phone pitches)I hope this note finds you well. Do you have any exciting summer plans? I understand you and your family have been busy. I hope summer will give you...
A referral is nothing more than a tip once the bill is paid. The better the service, the better the tips.Interestingly enough, the majority of a waiter's (or bartender's) wages come from tips. Sound familiar? Let us help you fill up your tip jar. We are not just Silicon Valley based technology, w...
We live in a digital age where information surrounds us.The Internet has become our expert advice and where we go to find answers.But...In our digital age, human interaction suffers. You may have experienced the sad sight of a family at a restaurant, all eyes glued to their phones or tablets, or ...
 Hey ActiveRainers, How've you been? Tim here, again, with a quick Script Of The Day. Similar to recent ones, this email marketing greeting is only really relevant for agents actively working with sellers.  If you're one of the many agents struggling with what some dub as "thinventory" - Seller's...
 Question your referrals: who, what, when, where, why, and how.Step 1 "Who": Segment your database into 2 groups: People WHO have referred you business the past 5 years and the one's that haven't (yet!)Step 2 "What": WHAT was your last form of communication with the referring group (email, text, ...
 Hey there,Tim here, again, with a quick Tip & Script Of The Week. When people aren’t fed, they’re cranky and irritable. The same goes for your leads – when they don't feel routinely nourished, cared about, and/or spoon-fed relevant info - they will likely stomp off to one of the 2 other agents t...
 Hey folks,How's your summer going? Hope all is swell on your end.If you're in need of a pick-me-up - we hope our words will help inspire and/or motivate you.Go with your gut and allow your creative side to flourish this month.There's no need to rigidly adhere to the following marketing outline. ...

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