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Elections do change the way we do businessWith the newly elected president into his first week of office, sweeping changes have been made in many industries including Real Estate. One of the first actions that President Trump issued was reversing a popular insurance premium cut that outgoing HUD ...
 Sorry new home buyers, you won't get that mortgage insurance cut.Within hours of taking office, the Trump administration removed a newly created benefit that would allow new, first time homebuyers to save approximately $500 per year on their $200,000 FHA home loan. The cut was tied to  FHA Mortg...
How do adjustable rate mortgages work?            With beneficial qualities that appeal to those looking for low interest rates at the expense of a fixed interest rate; adjustable rate mortgages or ARM’s as they are also known offer lower monthly payments as a result of the lower interest rate. T...
Texas 30 Year Fixed Mortgage  A 30 year fixed mortgage is quite possibly one of the safest loans that one can attain for the purchase of a home. The interest rate is locked for the duration of the loan, doing away with any uncertainty associated with the ever changing landscape of the housing mar...
15 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate in Prosper Texas Purchasing property of any kind is a solid investment that has, and will continue to stand the test of time. From the flat oil-rich lands of Texas that saw men amass great fortunes, to the beautiful coastal cities of the golden state, real estate has a...
Construction Loans in Prosper Texas Have you ever walked into a model home and thought about how things would look with higher ceilings, a larger entry way, more windows perhaps? New home construction is on its way back; it has been for the last few years. The market is beginning to reach higher ...
The Four Ingredients of a Texas Mortgage PaymentIt is often asked what is all included in that bill that comes every month called a mortgage payment. I advise checking up on exactly what portion of your payment goes toward principle every few years. That thought brings me to explain the four ingr...
How does a Reverse Mortgage work in Collin County Texas?Reverse Mortgages, as the name implies, means the lender makes monthly disbursements to the homeowner. This can be extremely helpful, in particular for those that find their current monthly mortgage too constricting.  Lending companies do no...

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