BOO! Pardon Me, Have you seen my Head? The Headless Horseman is a mythical figure in English and American folklore since the Middle Ages. This entity is very similar to the headless reapers or demonic fairy known as Dullahan in Irish myth.The most commonly known examples of the Headless Horseman ...
Why Do Witches Ride Brooms? The History behind the Legend From pagan fertility rituals to hallucinogenic herbs, the story of witches and brooms is a wild ride.The evil green-skinned witch flying on her magic broomstick may be a Halloween icon—and a well-worn stereotype. But the actual history beh...
Chesapeake Bay and Potomac River’s Ghost Fleet Let’s start with the Chesapeake Bay’s Ghost Fleet on the Virginia side of the Bay.  Origins WWII ships, known as the concrete fleet. A few hundred feet from the beach at Kiptopeke State Park, nine concrete ships rest end-to-end, decaying under decade...
Port Royal, Virginia: You may find Food, Ghost, Antiques  Believe it or not, this sleepy tiny town of Port Royal is one of my favorite places to go.  We go there at least once a month and love it.  My favorite is Horne’s restaurant and gift shop.  This 50’s themed diner has wonderful homemade foo...

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