The Mother State of Presidents: Virginia!Historically, Virginia has been the most common birthplace of U.S. presidents, with eight in total; although seven of these were born in the 1700s, and Woodrow Wilson is the most recent Virginian to have been elected president, in 1912.Depending on how you...
Heart of My Heart ..... Valentine's Day I love Valentine's Day! When I was in Electuary School, we use to make Valentine mail boxes to get cards. It was always a big deal to see who received the most cards. Homemade or store bought it did not matter. Some cards we even used decorated paper bags f...

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My blogs reflect my observations on life, real estate and my own state of the union (Elaine's world). I write my entries as a way to express myself and all the positive and negative aspects of real estate. I also use it to promote my listings and maybe even your enjoyment in reading it.