To Prank Or Not To Prank: April Fools’ DayAs a child or young adult, and maybe even a time or 2 now I loved April Fool’s Day and did my share of pranks. So I became interested in how this day started and why all over the world it is an unofficial day to prank. As myou can tell by now I just love ...
The Elegant Jefferson Hotel, Richmond Virginia If one has not visited the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Virginia, then it must be put on your bucket list! It is truly breathtaking interior and exterior of this Grand Lady! I have stayed at the Jefferson in the infamous Room #19.Room 19 is an upstai...
Music of Early America What was It? What was Colonial or “Early American” music?Colonial music was not so much music written in America before the Revolution as it was music that was brought here and helped define the people who were to make a new country. Understanding the music that early Ameri...
“Beware the Ides of March.” Truth or Fiction: You’ve probably of heard the soothsayer’s warning to Julius Caesar in William Shakespeare’s play of the same name: “Beware the Ides of March.” Not only did Shakespeare’s words stick, they branded the phrase-and the date, March 15-with a dark and gloom...
March History in Beautiful VirginiaThe old saying “March Roars in like a Lion it will go out like a Lamb”, was an old wives saying my grandparents use to say all the time. Well, this started my thinking about the historic events that happened in the month of March here in Virginia, which I found ...

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