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Meet Dick Todhunter, Please....

Briefly, I am a real estate agent with 20 years of Mortgage origination experience, operating a boutique real estate office.  I specialize in Internet marketing and state of the art technology application to the real estate process.


Buying, Selling or mortgage needs is a lot like a full contact sport.  And your Coach makes all the difference!

Whether you are:

Looking to buy a home Sell a home and then buy another home

You need a great coach to get you to the other end, where YOU ARE A WINNER!  Imagine carrying home the trophy to a ticker tape parade, the crowd is roaring to your success and you have participated in a truly successful transaction.

That is my goal in working with all of my clients.  These are truly trying times and you need an experienced coach, in the real estate, mortgage and financial thought process of the transaction.  Meet the Coach.


By education I wound up with a BA in Marine Biology and Environmental Sciences, a wonderful education but limited options.  Eventually ending up with an MBA in Finance from the University of Puget Sound.  Then along came success as a real estate investor.  Once owning over 50 rental units, including SFR, duplex, triplex up to a 12 unit apartment house.  Authored and marketed a real estate investment software, back in 1983-86 from Seattle to Australia.  Thirteen different rates of return and designed to produce great informative reports. This simply put means that I have a complete grasp of Finance and Investment from the ground up.

Thirty years of real estate sales, brokerage, investment and mortgage experience means that you have a wealth of knowledge available to you.   Following the financial markets for thirty years gives one a perspective on history, cause and effect.  As a nation we have done things with our financing, wars with no tax increase, great society with no tax increases causing runaway inflation and leading to the Savings and Loan debacle and the Resolution Trust Corporation remind one of where we are today.  More wars without raising taxes to pay for them.  A sinking dollar.  A mortgage crisis, a world financial crisis.  And I believe in real estate as a hedge against inflation, regardless of what the current situation looks like.

I started a mortgage bank, United Pacific Mortgage in Feb. 2000 and sold it in 2004.  What a wild ride that was!  By the time it was over I had created a mortgage bank, had about 120 loan officers, 20 processors and completed about 4,500 mortgages for over $850,000,000 in total mortgage volume.

Over the years we have built up a great web presence which attracts buyers and sellers alike.  We know how to market to the Internet (where 72% of home buyers begin their search.

I look forward to your questions and input.  It's all about developing relationships. 


Your real estate and mortgage Coach

Dick Todhunter


I look forward to being your lifelong real estate and mortgage planner.

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30 years of experience at your service. Imagine the convenience - your expert in all facets of real estate, real estate investment, residential mortgage planner and all around problem solver.