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Karuna Financial Logistics Network is exactly what its name suggests, a network of professionals providing solutions to the financial and credit problems Americans face everyday.  Whether that problem is unflattering credit scores, the need to protect their identity and privacy, developing an income for retirement and more, we have the solutions.

Our ever expanding nationwide network allows us to service the needs of clients across the country as well as in Guam and Puerto Rico.  We would like to extend to you an exclusive invitation to apply to join our professional network in an effort to help you better facilitate the needs of your prospects. 

"Why should I join your network?"

In other words, "What's in it for me?"  We understand that most mortgage and lending professionals are having difficulty right now finding qualified clients to fund.  We know that you really want to help as many people as possible achieve their dream of home ownership.  Not just for the income it provides you, but for the immense satisfaction you feel each time you can stamp "approved" on a client's application.  You know that you have just helped a family achieve their dream and, we both know, that feels GREAT!

But your problem is that recent economic issues are preventing you from reaching as many clients as you would like.  These are good people who are struggling just like everybody else.  They may meet all the requirements for mortgage funding except one, like poor credit score or insufficient income.   Now you have to make that phone call you dread.  You brace yourself for the sound of disappointment you know you are going to hear hating yourself for having to deny another family's dream. 

Stop hating yourself.  It isn't your fault that America is in the mess it's in.  It isn't your fault they have bad credit.  But most of all, realize that you now have a legitimate solution for your prospect.  Karuna. 

Karuna is dedicated to the financial rehabilitation of the credit challenged.  You now have the opportunity to join a network with the same goal as you:  get that client qualified for a mortgage. 

"But credit repair, done properly and legally, takes time, up to a year in many cases."

That is correct.  But let's face it; unless you plan on earning enough income this year to retire, you are going to need clients next year.  Wouldn't it be great to know that you have a growing list of clients who will be qualified for a mortgage next year?  Rather than sending your prospects out the door with a "NO" for an answer, you can now say, "You have a 475 FICO score and you want a mortgage?  Yes, absolutely we can help you.  Let me get my FICO expert on the phone right now and let's get this process started." 

You have just placed that prospect in your pool of future clients.  While your competitors are struggling to find qualified leads next year, you will have clients beating down your door to get that mortgage for which they now qualify.  On average, mortgage lenders who use a professional credit repair service increase their annual closings by 30%.  So instead of asking why you should join our network, you now need to ask yourself this question:  "Do I want a 30% pay raise next year?"

At Karuna we understand that in this day of instant gratification, it is difficult to overcome the urge to send the prospect back into the world and hit the phones again to chase down yet another bad lead.  Stop chasing leads and have the leads chase you.  There are three things you need to remember about today's sales game:

You need to find a way to be a welcome guest into the homes and hearts of your prospects.  The old rules of marketing no longer apply.  Everyone you talk to has problems.  So stop selling your service and start promoting your solutions to their problems. 

Increase your value to others.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to associate yourself with people and organizations who are of greater value than other people and organizations.  In other words, don't associate yourself with a guy who has purchased a do-it-yourself kit over the internet and now thinks he has the training and expertise to fix anyone's credit.  Rather, associate yourself with one of the top three credit restoration companies in America.  Since their value is greater than the other guy, your value to your prospect increases. 

Position your opportunity as THE solution to your prospect's problem.  Their problem is that they do not qualify for a mortgage today.  Great, let's get them qualified for a mortgage later, then.  That solves their problem and yours at the same time. 


"So how do I know that Karuna is better than the guy with the do-it-yourself kit?"

Good question.  Karuna has developed relationships with the BEST service providers in the nation.  We know it is important to you that your prospects be taken care of by only the best, so we made that our priority.  We diligently checked out each company and the services they provide.  Our rigorous investigations have resulted in our decision to use the companies we believe to be the top service providers in the nation.

Northwest Business Advisors is probably America's number one credit restoration company.  In business for over 14 years, NWBA has quietly earned a reputation for service and results that are unsurpassed by ANY other company in the industry.  In our opinion nobody has a more powerful credit restoration system than NWBA and nobody achieves better results. 

IDefender Identity Theft Protection is a powerful program originally designed with the needs of military Veterans in mind.  As a result, IDefender is easily the best identity theft prevention program in the country, offering its service free to the military Veteran.  Any company willing to offer its services free to people who are trained in the use of some of the deadliest weapons in the world HAS to be confident in its strength and viability.

Motor Club of America is the oldest and most respected motor club in America.  You thought AAA was, didn't you?  MCA has been servicing the needs of American motorists since 1926.  Owners of Trucker's Voice in Court and the Small Business Club of America, MCA is the nation's leader the others can only emulate.  When your prospect joins MCA, if they opt to join the income generation program, they may have additional income to use when they return to you allowing you to provide an even larger mortgage for them. 

You are thinking, "If these companies are so great, why have I never heard of them?"  The truthful answer to that question is one that is going to sting your emotions a little bit.  You weren't looking hard enough.  Consider this.  When you want a good hamburger, you probably go to McDonald's.  However, when you want a great hamburger, you go to that little restaurant on the edge of town in that little building with the parking lot that always seems to be full.  The quality companies in this country don't shout out their greatness, rather, it is spoken about in whispers.  People listen closer to a whisper than to a shouted message.  Ask yourself, when someone is shouting at me, what do I normally do?  You probably do like 90% of people; you tune out the person yelling at you.  However, when someone whispers to you, you lean in closer so you can more accurately hear what they are saying. 

Finally, once you are placed in our network, any leads we generate who are in your area are referred to you when we have finished with their credit restoration.  That's right, leads travel in two directions.  When we generate a lead in your area that is qualified for a mortgage or refinance that lead is sent to you.  Of course, any prospects you send to Karuna will be returned to you upon completion of our financial rehabilitation program.

"So, what is required from me to join Karuna's network?"

To accept this invitation all you have to do is call.  We will ask you a few qualifying questions and if you are accepted, we will immediately add your company to our list of professionals and begin helping you service your prospects better.  The only requirements we have is that you place our logo with a link to us in a highly visible location on your website's landing page with the words, "Proud member of the Karuna network" below it and you do the same with all of your advertising (i.e. flyers, internet advertising, postcards, etc.)  That is all.  We will add you to our website in our directory of professionals.  If you wish your logo added, you will need to provide a digitized copy via email and written permission via fax for us to use that logo on our site.  There are no fees or dues.  You are a professional so we won't insult you with dues and, honestly, we don't need the money that bad. 

I am whispering to you now that you can help your prospects achieve their dream.  Contact me today to apply for membership into our network like Washington Mutual, Bridgeport Lending, Morgan Financial and others.  We are accepting a limited number of memberships on a first come, first served basis. 

Robert Rowe



Network of lenders, credit restoration, forclosure prevention, ID theft protection and Motor Club of America. We offer only the best services and more coming soon.