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  I am a Washington native, raised in Olympia and currently a resident of Cashmere. I am a graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont where I earned a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Political Science. Prior to real estate I spent nearly a decade in law enforcement as a park ranger in our National Parks.

I am one of only a handful of real estate agents in the Wenatchee Valley to earn their e-PRO designation from the National Association of Realtors.  In 2007 I was awarded the Certified Residential Specialist designation by the Council of Residential Specialists. Less than 4% of all Realtors earn this coveted designation which requires extensive real estate experience and advanced training. Only a dozen Realtors in Chelan and Douglas counties hold the CRS designation. I also hold a Managing Broker's License from the State of Washington.

  In 2006 my peers named me to the Board of Directors for the North Central Washington Association of REALTORS where I served as the Director for Governmental Affairs for Chelan County. I also have served on the MLS committee and have coordinated the REALTOR food drive in Leavenworth.

I served for 3 terms (9 years) on the Board of Directors of the Chelan Douglas Land Trust including time spent as President of the Board.

Leavenworth real estate brokers Geordie and Allyson Romer

Geordie and Allyson Romer are real estate brokers in Leavenworth WA


  I specialize in vacation homes, second homes, luxury homes and codos in the Leavenworth andLake Wenatchee area. This includes Cashmere (where I am restoring a 1920s farmhouse), Peshastin, Dryden, Merritt, Plain and Fish Lake. I also have quite a bit of experience with multi-family units (mostly in East Wenatchee).

In our small market we tend to be generalists and recent commercial listings have included a gravel pit and a restaurant.

My strengths include market knowledge, accurate pricing, creative marketing and negotiating. In 2007, I earned the Certified Residential Specialist designation.  Only a dozen agents in Chelan County hold this coveted certification.  I also hold a managing brokers license.

Brett and Erin
Geordie is an excellent real estate agent! When we decided to buy a second home in the Leavenworth area and just happened to select him from the list of "suggested" agent on zillow, we couldn't have been luckier! He is very knowledgeable about the area and the home-buying process generally. There were even a couple of times that he had to correct our mortgage broker on points about the mortgage process - if that gives you any idea of how knowledgeable he is... This was our second home purchase that we actually completed and Geordie was the fourth real estate agent with whom we have spoken at length about homes. He is easily the best we've worked with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Sarah and Nick
Working with Geordie to find a home was a rewarding process. He took the time to understand our needs and wants. He is very responsive, always took my call or responded asap, and spent countless hours on the phone discussing the pros and cons of our options, and showed us ever property he could. We never felt pushed into a decision. Finally he guided us through the contract and closing process, which, without his help, we would never have closed on time
Darrel and Dee
It was a pleasure to work with Geordie Romer on the purchase of our Leavenworth home. As difficult buyers, we were very impressed with Geordie’s professionalism, commitment, thoroughness, and patience. We will not hesitate to contact Geordie for all of our future real estate needs, and we highly recommend him to others.
Geordie was very patient in helping us navigate a long strange road to buying a foreclosure property. He gave great guidance, and supported our decisions. We're not sure we would have stayed the course and actually completed the purchase without his help. We hope Geordie will still be in Leavenworth if we ever decide to sell our cabin
Chris and Sarah
Geordie is professional, forthright and knowledgeable of the market. My wife and I had spent a frustrating 3+ years on the market with two other agents. Geordie took a unique approach, with first class marketing materials and photography. We were impressed with his commitment to knowing the buyer and what they were seeking, even down to his willingness to meet them on their own ground (for our market, vacationers coming from Seattle). He was honest and fair in all of our dealings, and kept us posted on developments. Geordie sold our home within a matter of months, a great relief after such a long time. He had great suggestions for staging and other preparations that would please potential buyers. We had an aggressive close date, and were able to make it on time, many thanks to Geordie's expertise and skills.
Rachel and Kevin
After having our recreation home sit unsold for two years with nary a nibble, we re-listed with Geordie and had two offers the first weekend! We accepted a full-price offer. It's true that the market was improving when we sold. But the house was only off the market for two weeks prior to our re-listing, and my husband and I are convinced that Geordie was the reason that it sold so quickly. He helped us solve a privacy issue created by our unusual layout. And he offered us staging advice specific to our home. He said, "This artwork looks nice, but it doesn't say 'cabin' to me. We're selling the romance of the cabin." That was all it took. We got it! We switched out the artwork, we let in more light, and the place was transformed into a cozy getaway that prospective buyers could imagine as their own. Geordie also takes professional photos of every one of his listings, so our place was shown online to its best advantage. We're convinced that Geordie understands staging, online presentation, and the Leavenworth market better than anyone else. (Check out his blog.) We're sure he extends the same professionalism and courtesy to all of his clients. If you are selling, you'd be smart to sign with him and follow his advice. We're happy we did, and we could not recommend him more highly!
Dawn and Naisan
First of all, I am quite selective in who I'd use as a real estate agent as my husband and I are technically pretty savvy and tend to research the heck out of things we're involved in. We need someone who is at least as rigorous and informed as we are (or at least attempt to be). I initially found Geordie through Zillow about 6 months ago and began working with him in person several months ago. He was even better than I expected from reading other reviews and his blog. He is extremely knowledgable in real estate technicalities, movements, market trends, county, utility, and zoning issues, buyer and seller psychology, and legalities and is connected with many other professionals in the area from builders to excavators to mortgage brokers. We had a long journey with Geordie, with several bumps along the way which had everything to do with the unpredictable situations with property or our situation and Geordie helped us negotiate our way through them. He was always on the ball and set up our offer and contingency contract, negotiating with the seller's agent and getting us an amazing price. He helped us determine the right offer and terms and I am certain we would not have gotten the great deal we did if it hadn't been for his expertise and people skills. I wish that more people in my life were such a pleasure and asset to work with. Geordie Romer is true professional and honest person. Not only would I not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking an excellent real estate agent, I make it a point to mention his name when the subject of real estate comes up--which is often. You can only go right with Geordie.
Joe and Natalie
I had known Geordie socially for eight years before he became my agent. I was initially impressed by the in depth market research Geordie had done before we priced the home. Geordie presented a realistic picture of what homes listed for, and what the final sales prices were. When we asked to push the listing date back by 2 weeks, Geordie was calm and reassuring that we were still headed on the right track. I also appreciated the amazing photographer he used to shoot our home. Our small, 3 bedroom family home received the same 5 star treatment as a the beautiful custom vacation retreats Geordie works with. After we received an offer, Geordie stayed by our side until the finish. In our case - a drawn out finish. Our buyer encountered bank mistakes, and the closing was pushed back a month. Geordie lent his expertise to the buyer's agent, and helped ensure all parties were kept in the 'information loop'. Listing and selling can be stressful - but knowing Geordie was continually on top of things - and never to busy to take my call - made all the difference.
Katie and Jay
Geordie worked patiently with us for nearly 6 months to find the perfect cabin in the Plain, WA area. He met with us in Seattle to help us understand the real estate market in the Leavenworth area as we had no clue in regards to how property sales were conducted in that area. We started out with some very vague ideas andwe were undecided whether we should buy land, a rustic cabin, new construction, ect. With Geordie's guidance he helped us think through all the possibilities which helped to forge our plan on how to approach a purchase in the Plain area. Georgie helped us narrow down a large selection of properties to find us the "perfect" fit. He provided frank and honest guidance in regards to several houses, one of which we really wanted to make an offer on. That house turned out to be a disaster in hindsight - Geordie's guidance helped us to avoid a major disaster in terms of making an offer on what turned out to be a very bad house. In short, Georgie has an excellent understanding of the market, a keen knowledge on price points, a patient way of handling his client's infinite number of questions and crisis calls, and is what we consider an outstanding real estate agent. We would recommend Geordie to anyone buying or selling a home and we wish we could use him Seattle when we list our own home. If you are contemplating purchasing a home in the Leavenworth area the first person you should contact should be Geordie. If you are from Western Washington this should be the first person you turn to to help you with your purchase plans as he provided us with so much valuable insight. We thank Geordie for all he did for our family as we truly feel he was the person who helped us find the perfect home.
Mark and Dorothy
My wife and I spent about a year working with Geordie in search of a home near Leavenworth, Washington. To begin the process we met with Geordie in Seattle and began a long process that ended with us buying a home that truly met the qualities we were seeking. We had very specific requirements in a property that would interest us. This fact ruled out the vast majority of homes on the market and at some points there were none that met out needs and budget. As a result, it took a long time to finally find and successfully purchase one that truly matched our wishes. Geordie stuck with us, provided excellent expert advice on the local market conditions, honest assessments of various properties, and only informed us of properties that seemed potentially a good fit. Once we finally made an offer on the home we now own, Geordie very professionally, efficiently, and dilligently managed the entire process from start to finish. Bottom line, Geordie was an excellent fit for us and we can comfortably and enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking an excellent real estate agent in the area
As a first time homebuyer, Geordie fielded lots of questions....he was patient, responsive, honest, and provided sound advice/guidance throughout the process. He really knew the market and understood what I was looking for. We looked at plenty of homes and eventually he found the right place for me....which just happened to be right next door to his own home! I'm happy to now have him as both a neighbor and friend.

Geordie Romer is a real estate agent with Windermere Real Estate in Leavenworth Washington. I specialize in vacation homes and second homes in Leavenworth, Lake Wenatchee, Plain, and Cashmere.