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Ethan Pruett
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Get to Know Ethan Pruett

Buying a home is the most exciting time of your life as well as the most stressfull, and I understand that. There is nothing worse as a buyer (or seller) than being in the middle of your purchase and not understanding what is going on. There are a lot of confusing and technical things that take place during that 30-45 days that is so mysteriously called ESCROW. I take great pride in explaining the process clearly and as many times as it takes for you to understand. I also promise all of you a call at least once a day during a transaction so that you are up to date and know EXACTLY what is taking place.


An area of expertise? I don't really think anyone is an expert only those who think they are. We are always learning and evolving in real estate, and you have to because the market is constantly evolving especially in our technoligical world. When it comes to residential real estate I have and do do it all almost. I have done everything from very inexpensive condos to million dollar estates. No home to big or to small. No home to expensive or inexpensive. I do them all with great dillegence. I treat each transaction with same amount of care. I don't know if I am the first person to say this but I like to say "You can't sell a person a home you can only give them your dillegence." This is true because there is no way I can convince you to buy a home (not that I would ever try) that you don't love, so why would I waste my time trying to sell you anything? I can however be dilligent in listening to your needs, looking for what you request, negotiate to the best of my abilities, and always have your interests in the front of my mind.

An Item of importance I like to promise all of my clients is this; When in Escrow (after you have an accepted offer) things can be confusing to the buyer or seller and it is easy to become uninformed which can be scary. I promise all of my clients that during escrow I will call you at least once a day to make sure you fully understand what is taking place. There is nothing worse than not knowing what is going on with the biggest investment of your life. I am very accessible and answer my cell whenever possible and promise to return all calls withing business day (usually within the hour if possible).


As an Agent you do not sell people homes, you cannot sell homes you can simply offer people your service, integrity, and dilligence. I bring this attitude to every single person and family I help.