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Robert T. Boyer
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Get to Know Robert T. Boyer

The information put in front of today’s homeowner regarding the San Diego real estate market, mortgage rates, and California home loans is overwhelming.  Where do you begin to sort through the excess in order to make a decision that will best serve you?

That's where I come in.  My name is Robert Boyer.  I am a California Mortgage Lender and my job is to focus your attention on the key factors affecting your financial future.  Let me narrow the buzz down to exactly what you need to know.

Buzz #1 - Interest rates are the lowest we have seen in 39 years!  A mortgage rate of 4.5%?  Now that's worth talking about

Buzz #2 - W.J. Bradley is a company that takes great pride and satisfaction in offering stellar service and superior home loan products to our clients.  I am helping families in our community lower their interest rates and put extra money back into their pockets.  Let's talk about that!

Buzz #3 - You have options.  I would be honored to sit with you and carefully listen to your goals and dreams.  I offer a no risk evaluation process to determine exactly where your next step should be taken.  We can talk about that all day long!

Please take a moment to give me a call today.  If you have a friend or family member needing some clear guidance in this arena, please pass along my name and number so I can help them as well.  Leave the work to me... all of this buzz is my business!

If you are a Veteran, a VA Loan is almost always the best choice for you.  VA Loans allow you to purchase a home no money down and without additional monthly mortgage insurance premiums, although their is an upfront funding fee.

For most other borrowers, there are choices between an FHA Loan, and Conventional Loan aka standard home loan aka Conforming Loan, a High Balance Conforming Loan, and a Jumbo Loan.  Each home loan has its place in the ecosystem of home financing.  FHA Loans are excellent loans for people just getting started, with little money to put down.  But they have additional costs in terms of an upfront mortgage insurance premium and monthly mortgage insurance premium.  If you have a little more money, then you will probably want to look at conforming home loans.  If you borrow more than 80% of the value (e.g., 90% LTV), then you will have to pay a monthly mortgage insurance premium (but no upfront MIP).  If you are buying a home and need a loan above $417,000, then you will end up looking at high-balance conforming loans or else jumbo loans.  And for some borrowers, there are some special loan programs that help you pay off your mortgage a whole lot faster.

As a company, we help people find San Diego homes for sale wherever their budget takes them.  However, if you are looking for La Jolla homes for sale, Del Mar homes for sale, Rancho Santa Fe homes for sale, or Carmel Valley homes for sale, then call us first!


Robert focuses on the real estate investor, especially in the realm of REOs.  He is finding most of the good deals to run along the SR-78 corridor. As a simple rule of thumb, that means a single family detached, 3-bedroom for under $270,000 and a 4-bedroom for under $310,000.

Robert is a co-founder of FinestExpert.com, a website devoted to real estate investors allowing them to search for potential investment properties by the financial metrics first and then incorporating the typical geographic and other search criteria.  http://www.FinestExpert.com allows you to instantly find good investment property, cashflow properties, hot REO deals, or great rehab opportunities.  Robert developed the first of its kind rating system for residential investment properties, the FE-Score.  He has also developed ratings for traditional residential purchases, real estate portfolios, and real estate markets.

In addition to the Realtor basics, Dr. Boyer has also

Developed Automated Valuation Model (AVM) for San Diego County properties Developed Advanced Loan Modification Cost Benefit Analysis System Created the concept of Real Estate Financial Planning Developed system to perform real estate portfolio analysis for real estate investing

He further has developed strong collaborative working relationships with financial planners and estate planning attorneys so that comprehensive, integrated financial planning can occur.

Robert continues to keep his hand in software development, having recently released a Martial Arts Equipment store and is in the process of working on a website for REO Bulk Sales.


Robert T. Boyer, Ph.D., takes an investor's approach to real estate. He analyzes the market for appreciation as well as cash flow. Co-Founder & CMO of FinestExpert.com for Investment Property Search