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Get to Know Alf Gizzo

Alf & Jeannie Gizzo, as successful Real Estate Investors saw and fulfilled a need.  They discovered a unique underserved tenant population who appreciates clean affordable housing.  Alf & Jeannie have succeeded in multiplying their net rental income or cash-flow, by using an exceptional method.  Now nationally recognized for there work in Colorado, they currently coach other real estate investors to maximize there net cash flow from their rental property.

Alf & Jeannie, successful entrepreneurs:

Prior to venturing into real estate full time, Alf & Jeannie Gizzo were successful business owners, operating a service franchise from 2002 to 2007, and awarded Franchise of the Year designation in 2005. They built the business from scratch in an unproven new territory and sold the franchise in 2007 for three times initial purchase price.

Alf’s corporate resume:

From 1987 to 2002 Alf Gizzo served in the capacity of Channel Marketing Manager or Director of Distribution Channel Sales for several high tech companies. His responsibilities included managing distribution, partner sales training, tracking, and achieving sales goals. Accomplishing and often exceeding corporate sales targets.

Jeannie’s corporate resume:

Jeannie was in the travel/hospitality industry for over 16 years. During much of that time she was part owner and on-site Manager of a 32 room hotel in Quintana Roo, Mexico. As Director of Operations, her responsibility was to supervise all management including a native staff of 22 and an international team of 4-6 in every aspect of hotel function and customer relations. She was Vice President of Marketing and when not on site, traveled throughout the US and Central America promoting several properties as an authorized representative of the Mexican Tourist Bureau.


We specialize in coaching rental property owners how to maximize their net rental income or cash flow 3 to 4 times, by renting to a unique tenant population clean affordable furnished rooms.  A small 3 bedroom house can genereate up to $1,900 a month in gross income.  A 4 bedroom can generate up to $2,600 a month.  It adds up quickly for the property owner and offers an advantage not often afforded to individuals looking for alternatives. 

Known as transitional housing, this form of housing is in great demand due to the nature of our current economy. 

Foreclosures continue to increase, subsequently, forcing more individuals to seek affordable housing options. The cost of renting a small apartment may still be out of reach for some, as landlords typically demand first and last months rent up front. That is where transitional housing fills in, by renting inexpensive furnished rooms by the week or the month in a SFR, duplex or small apartment complex fully furnished and equipped. Private rooms normally rent for $100 a week and up, and some single tenants will agree to a semi-private room for $85 a week, with a $100 damage deposit.

These tenants do not sign leases, and agree to “house rules” minimizing the management time after you are up and running. Many zoning districts allow for this type of occupancy. There is one tenant population that has a great demand for this type of housing and there are government and non-profit agencies who refer tenant applicants to you for no charge. This is not section 8 housing. Why not cash in on a lucrative opportunity and at the same time supply a much needed resource?


Nationally recognized real estate trainer in a very unique niche of helping property owners who own rental properties multiply their net income.