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Strike one; second floor condo in an area where seniors prodomiantely bought.                                                                           Strike two; nine other units for sale including the one next door on first floor.But wait we're not out yet..... Staging Places to the rescue!We ...
 Michigan rated #3 in the national foreclosure rates for the year 2007. Detroit  rated the worst city to purchase a home in.  The Foreclosure rate has gone up 68% since 2006. Even affluent neighborhoods have the black eye of foreclosure mucking up their images. With so many people walking away fr...
It all started with a catalog; I was looking through one and came across a picture of a hutch that had the interior shelves painted a beautiful blue hue. I loved the look and immediately thought of some built in shelves in my living room. They were a dull white and could definitely use a shot of ...
Often, when I am staging a home for sale I encounter a similar situation with clients. Either they have no artwork on the walls or they have WAY too much. There is seldom a home that has the perfect amount. Of course when staging to sell, artwork is used to draw attention to certain areas of the ...
Are you looking for a quick and painless way to feel motivated, successful, and get recognition for your hard work? Simply by placing certain items on your desk, you can promote good energy and an inspiring atmosphere. First you need to determine the direction of your workspace. East is the best ...
I recently staged a penthouse loft condo in a gorgeous revamped factory building in downtown Detroit. I have worked with the owners before so I knew they were open to new ideas. With this project they allowed me the freedom to think out of the box, really use my imagination and have fun with the ...

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