In an article in February's Florida Realtor Magazine, called "Capture Leads Online", HomeGain is featured in a very positive light. The article features the testimony of Keller Williams sales associate Andrew Duncan. Mr. Duncan, of Tampa explains how he uses HomeGain's AgentEvaluator program to g...
  At HomeGain, we publish a monthly agent success newsletter. January's edition is now available.   The newsletter contains industry news,  featured agents, interviews, blog posts, and other information designed to help make real estate agents more successful.  Click here for this month's newsle...
HomeGain is proud that we can quantify the many successes of our AgentEvaluator agents in 2008. Many HomeGain real estate agents and brokers had successful years, despite the downturned market nationwide. We are proud to recognize these agents for their high level of accomplishment in association...
Active Rainer and HomeGain Guest blogger Carl Medford recently weighed in on the value of home staging in today's REO world: "Although, in Shakespeare’s words, “All the world’s a stage,” in the world of theater, a play is rather hard to enact without a stage. It’s been tried over the years, but t...
Last week I wrote about the problem of "Too much Twitter". It drew a lot of comments from veteran twitterites who have thousands of followers and who also follow thousands.  But what about most of us who have too few followers? Is it possible to have too few?  Are you getting the maximum value fr...
  You can now follow HomeGain on Twitter. @homegain.  My personal twitter is lcammarosa    
Earlier this week, we launched a HomeGain testimonial page.The page features HomeGain members on video and their quotes detailing their positive experiences with HomeGain.Here are but a few of the testimonials: Click here to view the videos   "We have been with HomeGain since the beginning and ha...
I recently twitted this: "If everyone follows 2000 people and everyone has 2000 followers no one can follow anyone." This observation came from speaking with Pat Kitano who has almost 9500 followers and is "following" nearly the same number. If you have 9500 followers, like Mr. Kitano, or even 20...
  HomeGain Agent View subscribers are fortunate to be enrolled in the HomeGain blogging school run by Joe Ferrara of Sellsius. Each week Professor Ferrara emails a new lesson to the HomeGain Bloggers that are subscribed to AgentView. Recently, we began providing free short versions of the HomeGai...
 A small debate is raging over on the front steps . Representatives from Zillow and Cyberhomes are arguing over whose instant home valuation tool is the most accurate. Having been alerted to this debate by checking out the Sellsius blog on the topic, I had to jump in. So, whose tool is the most a...

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