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Working in the San Diego housing market over the past 20 years has been interesting and exciting to say the least. Technology has not only changed the way you shop for homes, but also the way you shop for a mortgage. However, this is still a "press the flesh" business and it is important to get to know your Realtor and your lender.



The Internet?  Is that thing still around? The internet has obviously helped our businesses grow, but it also has created some frustrating moments.  Keeping a client's attention has become far more difficult due to the ease that information is available on-line.  With just a click of the mouse, a...
Not the most fun topic, but chances are you know someone who is facing the challenges of divorce. Going through this process can be emotionally and financially difficult especially when real estate is involved. Failing to address important credit issues, however, will only make things worse. Reme...
Fannie Mae released its most recent housing survey, which tends to be a little more optimistic. "These findings indicate the return of a more balanced and realistic approach to housing."   There are many advantages to home ownership, such as potential appreciation, tax breaks, and forced savings....
I wrote a similar post several months ago regarding a few FHA topics and had a request to re-post.  I updated a couple items, here you go... Q: Are modular homes treated in the same manner as manufactured homes? A: Fortunately, no. Modular construction is also a factory-built home, but is treated...
Just kidding, the sky is not falling, but for some reason many loan originators and real estate professionals are in a tizzy over the upcoming changes.  According to Mortgagee Letter 10-29, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is implementing new minimum credit scores and loan-to...
I am fortunate enough to live in San Diego, an area highly populated by active duty and retired military. VA buyers are an important part of the local housing recovery and need to be embraced by real estate professionals, both on the listing and buyer's side.Many people assume that the seller has...
Nothing!  Changes in the housing and mortgage industries have prompted many people, including the media, to wonder: "Can you get a home loan today?" The answer is simple: Yes!Despite the negative headlines over the past year, there's actually plenty of money available for loans. In fact, reports ...
Rates had fallen for several weeks, but stronger than expected economic news, namely labor market data, housing, and manufacturing reports caused mortgage rates to turn a little higher by week's end.  Friday morning's better than expected Employment report seemd to have the greatest effect on rat...
I wrote a post a few weeks ago regarding HR 5981, a bill that was passed allowing HUD to increase the amount of the annual mortgage insurance premium for FHA insured loans.  On August 12, 2010, President Obama signed it into law, Public Law 111-229 (see Mortgagee Letter 2010-28). The law allows H...
Everyone knows that interest rates fluctuate, but the last several business days have drilled this home. It doesn't help when you combine major economic news with light volumes and thinly staffed trading desks. Friday saw a lot of volume, and bond prices dropped. Yesterday, however, the supply dr...

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