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Today I went on a listing appointment.  I worked hard like I always do, did my home work and I had on my game face.  The presentation went smooth with not one objection.  Then it was time for the price I was sure I was going to get my first objection.  Nope, no objections, they hired me.  That wa...
 I know it was 50 outside last night but its wicked cold out today.  I had to show three homes today and the wind was whipping.  For some reason my clients wanted to spend extra time looking around the outside.  Go figure.  It always seems to me the colder it is the more time they want to look ar...
I started using and set up another personal website.  If you're not using it, you should.  It's free and when you post your listing on your website, over 18 websites will pull the listings.  With the web being the leading tool for buyers to find homes this is a no brainer.
Banks aren't messing around with prices.  Competition is high and banks are doing the right thing by setting their prices low.  If you have buyers looking for foreclosed properties you better move fast because the good ones are being sold right away.  I've had three deals in the last month that w...
I was just wondering if everyone is experiencing the same as me.  I have always had my share of buyers but I've noticed a flood of buyers coming out of the woodworks lately.   Most of them are looking for deals.  I'm writing contracts on more foreclosure than I've had in the past.  This is good. ...
Home inspections today are as important if not more important than in the past.  With foreclosures at its all time high, what buyer really knows what they're getting?  It's up to us as realtors to guide our buyers in the right direction.  I'm seen more deals with no contingencies than in the past...
Why pay uncle same more than you must?  Make tax time a little less taxing by learning about acceptable deductions and tax shelters for independent contractors.  I will be attending a training session hosted by Edward Surovell Realtors (Surovell U) featuring a presentation from Phil Mekes, Financ...

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