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  As any seasoned investor can tell you, the most difficult part of investing can be the part where you convince a seller to think creatively. Most sellers start out with a simple premise in mind - sell the property in the traditional manner. To make matters worse, most Realtors do not provide se...
Lately I have been hearing a lot of noise from misinformed people about how it was the investors who were flipping houses that caused the recent real estate bust. They cite as their "evidence" the fact that flippers increase the prices of homes dramatically, and this increase caused inflationary...
Perhaps you do not know what it is like to successfully pilot a canoe in the shark infested waters of the Atlantic during a hurricane, but if you have ever sought a qualified - I reiterate, qualified - mentor or coach to help learn real estate investing, or to help facilitate a transaction, you h...
There have been many books written on how to succeed, and most say the same old truisms we all know. But one is a little bit different - it gets closer to the core of the issue, and details 10 secrets that, for the most part have received all too little attention. Yet, they are crucial for succe...
  In the "old days", before the internet became the new media, small business was hard-pressed to compete with big competitors who could keep him down by using their marketing dollars. That all changed, for awhile, as the internet incubated micro businesses that popped up everywhere. The playing ...
Over the last few decades many sellers and businesses have taken back first and second mortgages on property they have sold. This was often necessary in order to sell the property due to high prices and interest rates. Often, these "notes" as they are called are sold to raise cash. Such notes hav...

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