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A good coach for "newbie" real estate investors is terribly difficult to find, and of those that are found on the internet, it seems they all want megabucks. Even if they are good mentors, coaching really is not worth thousands of dollars. Having developed "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" ...
Over the last several months a lot of people have approached me to make some of my Bonus Books available online. I have decided to do just that, so I have created several real estate eBooks in .PDF format and they are free to all who want to download them - I do not even require your name or emai...
It amazes me that so many "experts" who post articles and blogs about the Double Escrow (aka Simultaneous Closing) have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. And it is not just "arm-chair" investors, either. It's Realtors, attorneys - and yes, even a state Supreme Court Justice chiming ...
As an investor, and creator of an investor training course, ("The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate") this is a question I am asked almost daily. And while some things have changed, it is still possible to become a homeowner without having to come up with a chunk of cash for a down payment. In fa...

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