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Who is the Most famous home Run hitter ever? Who struck out the most? we have all heard it said if you are gonna hit the ball then you have to swing ! How far you want to hit the ball is up to you! Lou reveal the Home Run King....   Motivational Power Quote   You Can Knock Me Down But . . . . "It...
As we look to a return of a better Real Estate Market there a certain factors that may be in evolution at this entry into summer. Cycles have long been a part of Real Estate and will continue to process as human interventions takes shape. We just cannot total forecast what the human mind will ach...
Brian, so well put and so true. I remember when others have picked up the check when they did not have to. And you have made is so much more real. The feast of freedoms we enjoy are not in vein..Remember them. They picked up the check!   It’s the eve of Memorial Day 2011. It’s been a quiet, relax...
Janice has made a great post about Memorial Day. Each one of us has a different agenda on this day..I really like the quote by Roger Hancock, this is worth the time to read..and I agree with Janice , keep this on the forefront of everyones mind.  As we all hurry back to our lives, homes, work etc...
This is worth the read and re-blog, Lisa echos the sentiment of millions and is worthy of attention not only today but everyday. We ought to remember each time we see a National Symbol, Flag or read a post about the heros that have allowed us LIBERTY and thank those for their service.   Memorial ...
Memorial Day Flags Wave near the beaches of Amelia Island in Florida as I drove past last Saturday and I wanted to : SALUTE: I commend the Veterans of Nassau County, especially for the effort to place these flags and more especially for the service they provided to a Nation that very often forget...
I got a shot of this sunset just east of Hazlehurst Georgia. There was a heavy rain storm moving east and the sun was setting in the clouds of a western sky. the sun sets every day with a different scene. The great things about sunsets is you can capture endless scenes. My favorite is when the cl...
Aerial Photos of the Beached at Amelia Island...I went up in a small plane on Saturday and took these photos. The weather cooperated very nicely, no strong winds and the ride was very smooth. Flew over the Ritz luxury resort and golf club all the way up to the inlet , just about a 60 second ride ...
Buy a Condo in Amelia Islands at Fernadina Beach on June 25th. This property will be another Auction Production by Myers Jackson. We are selling Real Estate and closing transactions. Auction Marketing is by far the best way to expose Real Estate to well qualified buyers. So go ahead Buy a Condo i...
We averted a tax deed sale by 9 minutes, This transaction sold on Saturday and was closed Tuesday Afternoon!!!!Taxes paid at 8:05 ( this particular deed was next on the docket just prior to 8:15. Closing Attorney rushed to Clerk Of Court and Filed the Deed at 8:19 http://www.certifiedlandauction....

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