Ashton Acres (North Myrtle Beach, SC)
By Christopher Webster, Columbia South Carolina Real Estate For Sale
(EXP Realty, LLC)
I hate to vent my problems with finances on here, but it helps relieve tension. I had a decent 2007, but not good enough to keep from losing my home. I still carry a positive attitude! First my better half is diagnosed with cancer, next the heat goes out in the unit and then the air goes out! What else can possibly go wrong I say? Bank calls once a week and says we are calling about this payment, this payment and this one. I say, well if I could pay you would not be foreclosing would you? I then tell them that health and family is more important at this time. One lady actually started crying and had to go. She was one of the few! We can thank those ARM's for all this mess. Some days I wonder when I will get my break. Then I close my eyes and rember that I have my children and family.   ...
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