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So have you been waiting on that best deal of a lifetime?  Ready to purchase but confused about short sales verses a foreclosure or a "regular" sale.  Well now is the time to make that money you have work for you to get the best priced property since I have been in this business here along the Gr...
Well the growing consensus with agents is that it is just too demanding of our time as the listing agent.  The buyer's agent just has to call weekly to remind the other agent of what is going on so they can keep the buyer client happy during this long process.  I have been to many seminars both l...
Well many of us are doing the same thing waiting on the bottom to come.  Well if you read many of the top real estate experts are already saying the bottom has been here for 6 months and things across the country are beginning to improve.  We really only know about the bottom when we are looking ...
Well if you are looking for that once in a lifetime property along the beach well you are in for a great surprise.  Now is the time to come and find that condo, lot, or home priced withing most budgets.  Yes it has finally arrived that there are plenty of properties along the beach under $200,000...
Well what a great opportunity to purcase real estate here at the beach for 10% off the listed price.  If you have not checked this out -now is  agreat time to purchase.  We have plenty of condos, townhomes, residential lots, tracks of land, and homes all over the area.  The event is a way to get ...
Well since I joined the business 6 years ago I learned that working both sides of agency was the best way to keep both sellers and buyers happy.  Recently I had been asked by many new agents how do you keep up with all those listings?  I maintain somewhere between 30-50 listings on a continous ba...
Well we now must realize that this cycle we are in will be here right through the end of the year.  Remember 1992?  How about 2000?  Well I did not realize that this spring and summer economic indicators followed the exact pattern those election years.  America is just doing what we always do in ...

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