Bengies (Middle River, MD)
By Jonathan Benya, The Benya Group
(The Benya Group)
    Even Realtors need time off now and again.  This past weekend I decided to take time off and headed up to Bengie's Drive-In in Baltimore, MD.  Yes, I said drive-in.  Bengie's is the only drive-in left in MD that I know of, and they have the largest movie screen in the country, so it was definitely worth the long drive.     $8 got me admission in for three movies Saturday Night:  WALL-E; The Dark Knight; and Journey to the Center of the Earth.  I got there around 8pm, and stayed until after 3am!  Exhausted?  Yes!  It was a neat experience though, and I highly recommend checking them out.  They have dusk till dawn special features, and chances are I'll be up there the next time the hold one!     Oh, Admission is free for the driver on Sunday's if you drive an antique or street rod up ...
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