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Thank you for visiting I value your time, so here is Send Out Cards in a nutshell. A personalized, classy greeting card system for people who value their networks and understand how critical it is to stay in touch with their personal or business contacts; that all-important SPHERE OF INFLUENCE [SOI] - the people who will remember us and refer us business when the opportunity arises. My name is Philip Hulme.  The reason I've invited you here is because I'm an enthusiastic SendOutCards customer & distributor, and encourage you to  click on the image to take a free trial and experience this extraordinary "stay-in-touch" product that CNN selected as "America's Best Product" (see 2-minute video below).  

Didn't your Mother encourage you to send handwritten 'thank you' notes?Does your marketing plan state that you will touch your Sphere of Influence with unexpected greeting cards, birthday cards etc.? Great intentions - the problem is that it's expensive and time-consuming, so most sales people don't get it done.With the SendOutCards system, you create your own image card or select one from our online catalogue; type your personal message which is then converted into YOUR own handwriting and signature; optionally add a gift card; then click "SEND". The next morning, we print your high-quality card and mail it with a handwriting font address on the envelope and a postage stamp - for less than a dollar a card!

Our system helps tens of thousands of sales professionals to 'Value Your Network'. Any sales person will benefit from our system; many just happen to be in the Real Estate industry. Succesful business professionals understand the Power of Attraction. Building and Nurturing your Sphere of Influence requires a simple, efficient, inexpensive "keep-in-touch" system like 'SendOutCards' that fosters the daily habit and costs less than a dollar a card. The bottom line: E-cards don't work - Real Greeting Cards do! Please be my guest. Invest 5-mins now, go to and Send a FREE unexpected heartfelt greeting card to someone you love, while test driving our unique system.

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."--Maya Angelou

CNN selected Send Out Cards as one of America's Best Products. View the 2min CNN video here.


Serious business professionals understand the Power of Attraction. Build your Sphere of Influence with a simple, efficient, inexpensive "keep-in-touch" system. FREE Trial