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There is not a law firm in the whole country who has our level of experience, and has a perfectly clean track record. Our customers trust us because we believe in earning it. We specialize in mortgages and contract law. We offer our clients representation in mortgage modifications, short sales, forensic loan audits, mortgages, foreclosure assistance and stoppage, and deed in lieu of foreclosure. You should be very careful with whom you speak to. Our law firm has seen a lot of bad advice going to good people.

Your bank does not hold your interest at heart. The majority of the offers that they make have THEIR interest at heart, not YOURS! They are in the business of collecting interest on loans that is why you need legal representation to make sure that YOUR rights are protected and the outcome of this negotiation is to your liking and benefit.

The lenders constantly encourage people not to get their own legal representation because this puts their profits at greater risk and “any misstep” could be subject to a legal claim. They do not want you to have a professional attorney negotiating and getting the most for you-they want you to DO-IT-Yourself. After all, we compare your offer with offers we have received for other clients and we fight to get you the BEST DEAL. It’s our job to know every development in this industry!!!



We only take cases we believe we can win. In addition to that as a law firm we have the expertise legally, we have an established reputation with lenders, we are able to negotiate with the bank’s loss mitigation department directly, and we are simply known as the best law firm in the country who does this. Negotiations are made with your lender to modify an existing loan with favorable terms that you can afford, thus eliminating foreclosure proceedings. These negotiations typically result in lower mortgage payments, past due payments added to principle balance or forgiven, principle balance decreases or simple restructuring of the loan, thus making it possible for the borrower to afford his/her mortgage again.

We get your bank to listen to your needs because we know the law and they know and trust us. Over time we have developed positive working relationships with key people at most banks. Our integrity and professionalism has earned us a reputation that allows us to be heard when no one else can get through the red tape. We will use our experience and connections to get the results you deserve.


We are a licensed law firm located in New York, and our following all new FTC guideline to represent clients nationwide. We are one of few law firms to be following all of these regulations!!!!