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Get to Know Stephen Shields

Originally licensed in 1978, I have been active in real estate as an investor and agent. I purchased my first home in  1974, a VA Repo, and my first 2 family in 1976, on a land contract (not many of these around today).

Since then, I have counseled many home buyers, sellers and investors on how to use real estate to their benifit.

Today's market is completely different from anything any of us haas ever experienced. Low purchase prices, low mortgage rates, and banks that ARE willing to lend

I have pur together a local team to make sure that my clients are provided a top level of service. On my team is a mortgage banker, a title company, an attorney, a RELO specialist, a short sale expert, and 6 other real estate agents. Together we add value to each transaction.

Sellers: We market  your home using our exclusive 12 step marketing platform. Call me, I would love to explain why this platform will guide us to a quick sale and closing

Buyers: When you are ready to look for a home, we begin with counseling you on the current market situation, the area where you are looking to loacte, and the steps to finding your perfect pieceof property

Inverstors: Whether you are new to investing or have previously owned investment property, we are prepared to help you move to the next level.


What is happening now?

They say it is a buyer's market, but is it really?

Lender Owned (REO) property is a big factor, and by my knowing how to navigate through this continually changing arean has saved my clients both time and money.

Short sales are something that we have grown to love and hate. But the banks are getting better at letting us know what they expect, and getting better at communicating with those of us that represent the seller or buyer. Don't be put off by the term. Let me know your thoughts on persuing a short sale and we can talk about how to get one done.

Consumer owned: The good ol', good ol' way to buy or sell a home. But tradition is in the process of changing. Let's talk about today's market and find out what this provides for the buyer or seller in today's terms.

Investment Property: The market's up, the market's down. Yes it is, but the cash flor has never been better. Interested? Lets talk!


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