Laura Cerrano, Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher  (Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island)

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Los Angeles, California

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Certified Feng Shui Expert based in NYC, Long Island & California. Providing residential, commercial, new construction consultations for Local, National & International projects since 1997.

Get to know Laura Cerrano

Certified New York City & Los Angeles Feng Shui Expert, Laura Cerrano is the CEO and founder of the bicoastal consulting firm, Feng Shui Manhattan (established in 1997). As a Feng Shui Scientific researcher, Laura is dedicated to bridging the gap between the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui with modern day science. In addition, Laura teaches a yearly Interdisciplinary Feng Shui Certification Training Program through The Feng Shui Manhattan School in New York and is currently writing her first book.

Laura specializes in combining various Feng Shui methods, scientific studies, and transcendental healing modalities with the following practices; advanced Ba-gua Map Readings, The Five Elements, Bön Buddhist Healing Principles, Master Reiki Treatments, Aspects of Shamanistic Healing, Biophilic Design, Environmental Psychology, Sound Healing, Emotional Intelligence, and Self-Development. Healing is felt on all four levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

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Sample List of Clients


Lyric Theater (NYC Broadway), New York Athletic Club, PBS, Omni Martial Arts, First In Service (International Travel Company), Madison Physical Therapy, Strength for Life (Non for Profit Organization fighting Cancer), various Long Island NY libraries, St. Joseph’s college, National Art Club, Columbia University, Slate Property Group Developers, Silvercup Properties,  Viana Hotel and Spa (Hospitality), Modern Spaces Developers, The Vista Building (Residential Building), Coldwell Banker (Real Estate), Laffy Fine Homes (Real Estate), Oliver West Apothecary & Day Spa Inc., Wall Street Analysts, Nikon and LinkedIn Corporations.

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Certified Feng Shui Expert

Certified Reiki Master

Certified Sound Healer

Certified Personal Trainer

Certifed Hypnosis Consultant 


Nominated Best of Long Island, 2010-2021


Public Speaking

Feng Shui Consulting 

Feng Shui Life Coach 

Teaching Feng Shui Certification Programs

Fine Arts (Drawing and Painting) 

Certified Usui Master Reiki Healing

Guided Meditation 

Space Clearings and Shamanic Drumming 

Scientific Feng Shui Research 

Testimonials for Laura Cerrano

  • Client requested not to reveal her name to honor her privacy in that regard

    “Recently my friend introduced me to Feng Shui Manhattan.

    My friend met Laura Cerrano over a decade ago. She had success with her intention after following Laura’s feng shui assessment at her home.

    My experience with Laura was life changing. Laura provided me feng shui guidance to achieve my intentions. She taught me applying feng shui can also benefit both body and mind, for me and for my family. I’m seeing my intentions coming to fruition. I am so thankful to Laura.

    I highly recommend Laura’s feng shui consultation.”

  • Elana Bell (published author), NYC

    Working with Laura was a transformative and healing experience. When she came to my home it was cluttered and chaotic. I practically burst into tears when I thought about the scope of what I would have to do to change that. Laura’s has a calming presence and her guidance was thorough and do-able! Within 2 months, my apartment is transformed. It feels so good to be in my space that I actually don’t want to leave!

  • Dana of Pereira O’Dell, New York City, NY

    Laura came into our office on two occasions. One for a space clearing and another for a beautiful ceremonial sound bath and meditation, always infused with her knowledge of feng-shui which allows for deliberate attention to detail when it comes to creating such a sacred and intentional, environment and experience for everyone. The space clearing was like nothing i have ever seen, so much knowledge and so thoroughly explained to us throughout the process and we all felt so alive after it. She also offered her guidance when it came to bringing in more abundance and prosperity, and what would be important to infuse into the space. Her magic is multi-faceted and like an alchemy of all her gifts infused in one uniquely orchestrated experience. I highly recommend Laura if you’re looking for someone who is well-versed with knowledge along with intuition and utmost integrity. She’s super down to earth and funny too ;)

  • Laura Smith, NYC

    Laura came to my home to do a space clearing and reiki session, both of which were extremely helpful! I've already seen major changes in the areas/intentions she worked on. She's very knowledgeable and gave a lot of great recommendations for improving the layout and design of my space to help welcome in the desired energy. I highly recommend her help if you're looking to make major positive life changes!

  • Flora Luyando (MSTOM, LAC, LMT). Harlem, NY

    I am a holistic practitioner who strongly believes to establish and live a life full of passion, inner truth, compassion and peace we must have our everyday environment ( home & workplace) in order.

    I have always been an individual who feels everything and everyone is connected somehow, and if there is disarray of any sort, it potentially will not allow your inner spirit to live to its highest potential mentally, physically & spiritually. I thank Laura Cerrano from the deepest part of my heart for her natural ability to reorganize my life in such a simple and beautiful way!!!!!

    I feel a difference in my breathing and mental state. My work place / home has a stronger sense of peace and welcoming atmosphere. This allows me to be much more creative in all my endeavors. I have also noticed I have much more clarity which permits me to be a better practitioner with all my patients. Along with the fact I have much more stamina. This stamina gives me plenty of time to transition to other tasks or treat the next patient in a quick, steady unraveling way.

    I truly feel it’s a combination of living my life with passion in all that I do and Laura’s insight in knowing what to do for each individual. I personally think no one is a modern, traditional, contemporary , etc art piece... we are all “whole “ in every way.

    Laura Cerrano was very knowledgeable in masterfully clearing space for me!

  • Devon McLeod, (Holistic Psychotherapist), New York City, NY

    I came across your feature in Oprah magazine a few weeks ago and wanted to say congratulations!! I especially loved your tip about keeping all electronics outside the bedroom. So true and helpful!

    You are amazing and I remember how much you helped my (now husband) and me awhile back at our apartment. Your tips and outlook have really supported us in our home :)

    Thank you for all that you do!

  • Laura Nargentino (Hillside Public Library Student), New Hyde Park, NY

    “Laura! Thank you so much for an amazing event! I am excited to take what I learned and apply to my home and my projects for school! You are a wonderful and inspiring gift! great job!”

  • Kathleen Quinn, Personal Fashion Designer, NYC

    Laura is a total pro. We were having a hard time feeling settled in our new apartment and she patiently questioned and listened to learn everything that was going on with us and the space. The advice she gave was thorough, enlightened, and manageable. They also made so much sense! There was an area in the apartment that was really unfinished and she gave me clear instructions that helped me make quick decisions and get it finished. We made ALL the changes she suggested, and the place feels so different now. And we are so much more comfortable.

  • Kristin, Shyam, and Rithik, Monroe, NY

    “Hey Laura
    Always thinking of you as I am still adding your suggestions to the house whenever I find them. Lined the property with trees, got the dragon and turtle statues for outside, carpeted the stairs, added artwork, got beautiful concrete Fu Dogs to sit on the rock wall, chimes for doors, birdfeedeer, tied up the sink drains with red ribbon..Mostly everything you suggested is done. Currently we are decorating the meditation room and had an altar made. We have definitely felt the changes as our son now sleeps well and is much calmer. Had an artist paint some beautiful watercolor paintings of Koi fish and hummingbird feeding on hydrangeas which has a special meaning to us. We are enjoying the home more and feel more and more comfortable there. I will send you pictures as soon as I can. We really appreciate your guidance and love all your suggestions. I’m always on the lookout for items you suggested and carry my list whenever I go to HomeGoods. Thank you again.”

  • Regina, (Farmingdale School District Art Teacher from professional development workshop), Farmingdale, NY

    “Laura was very professional. She backed up everything she said with interesting data and facts. Laura had excellent credentials and a multitude of real experience in the field. Her presentation was thorough with a lot of audience participation. Laura was friendly, warm and super easy to listen to and converse with.”

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