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Katherine Crofoot, Providing the Freedom to Pursue your Vision (Crofoot Business Services, LLC) Services for Real Estate Pros



Katherine Crofoot
Providing the Freedom to Pursue your Vision
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Get to Know Katherine Crofoot

Crofoot Business Services, LLC is dedicated to serving Small Business owners, helping them maximize the growth of their business by allowing them to spend more time on activities that directly contribute to their Vision. Experienced in QuickBooks® bookkeeping software, we help business owners create systems to keep their business on track. Our services also include a myirad of tasks that allow business owners focus on growing their business; Screening calls, setting and confirming appointments, preparing presentations, travel plans, holiday greetings and more.


Bookkeeping for Small Business, Real Estate Investors, Business to Business Consultants, Real Estate Investors and Agents, Contractors and families. Virtual Office Administration and systems that keep small business owners focusing on their Vision.



How much of your day is spent performing day to day tasks that keep your business running?  When you first started your business, did your vision include stacks of paper everywhere, an overflowing inbox, and everyone wanting a "just a minute" of your time? Did your vision include balancing a checkbook, recording entries and taxes? One more question: If you're spending hours every day running your business, when do you pursue your Vision?  You need Crofoot Business Services, LLC if: You find yourself spending more time running your business than growing your business. You have too much work left over at the end of the day. You are overwhelmed by tasks that you keep putting aside. You lack the technical expertise for certain tasks. Adding an employee was not in your business plan. You find you only need help a few hours a week or month. Partnering with Crofoot Business Services, LLC will help free you from the day to day tasks of running your business so that you can grow your business. How we can help: You can take the 800 pound gorilla (all those tasks you keep putting off) off your desk and put it on mine! Leverage your time by delegating tasks that do not directly contribute to your bottom line. Draw on the expertise of a professional to complete tasks outside your area of expertise. Work smarter, not harder or longer, to achieve your goals.  


At Crofoot Business Services, LLC, our business is helping your business. Our goal is to Provide you the Freedom to Pursue your Vision; to allow you to spend more time growing your business.