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Fremont Notary Part Time Income

Part time income as a Fremont Notary. If you have ever thought about having a part time job in conjunction with your own full time position I have the perfect idea for you. I am going to teach you how to start your career as a Fremont Notary public. Having this position is a very serious responsibility as you will be notarizing legal documents for people. This is a great skill for anyone to possess.

Before you can become a Fremont Notary you must be at least 18 years old and be a long time resident in your state. The next step is to go to the wide world web and you will find a Fremont Notary class to start your newly found career. You may go at a pace through the class that is comfortable for you, but I suggest you read each section at least twice before answering the questions. You want to grasp the meaning of each section before going further into the training.

After you have taken this class online, you will take a test. If you pass the test you will be notified, then you will take the oath, purchase your bond, and buy your personal Fremont Notary seal. At this point you will be able to notarize legal documents and other types of documents. You will receive a handbook on what you can and can not do, and how much you are allowed to charge for your services.

A Fremont Notary is capable of doing more than just notarizing and signing documents.

You might be surprised to learn that they can perform a wedding, be there for deposit box openings, and take and certify affidavits. All those documents are notarized and sealed by the Fremont Notary. As you can see this is just a small list of things that a skilled Fremont Notary can do.

There are special Fremont Notary membership organizations which you can join upon becoming a Fremont Notary. There is one such organization known as the American Society of Notaries. This is a non profit organization that is specifically geared toward the Fremont Notary. They offer member discounts, the newest Fremont Notary information and newsletters to keep you updated. It costs very little money to join this organization.

One way you can use your new Fremont Notary skill is working in a financial institute like a bank, or in a real estate or law office. However you would have to have more than just the Fremont Notary skill to work in these offices, you will need some type of office skills as well. The reason being is that Fremont Notary work is very part time work, so you could potentially supplement your income with your Fremont Notary skills.

My last suggestion is to be a mobile Fremont Notary public. I am a Mobile Notary Call me when you need service 408-810-5626

This means people call you for your services and you go to them and notarize documents or perform a wedding ceremony. Or you can put a sign on your home that you are a Fremont Notary along with your phone number. Your clients can then call you and make an appointment with you.

As you can see it is an easy process to become a Fremont Notary. You could open your own little business, and market your services to local residents in your city. Being a Fremont Notary will allow you to work from home and be at home with your children. You can find out more by doing some research on the internet.
About the Author: Rob Schmidt has been a Fremont Notary for over seven years
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