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We are Comm-in-Cents, a communication integration company. What we do is inspect a properties data system, (that would be the wires for Cable, Phone, Internet & Alarm). We just don't stop at the inspection; we will repair or relocate any data line that needs it. We even go one step further for our clients; we will arrange the appointments with the service companies (Cable, Phone, Alarm companies), making sure our representative is there waiting for the appointment time, so that our clients don't have to miss work or whatever other appointment the have. All these services we provide are very inexpensive, we make it affordable & cost effective for everyone to use. With over 10 years & over 10,000 satisfied clients, you can't find a more experienced company to handle you data system.


You may be asking yourself why bother? Well here's why... Have you ever made an appointment with a service provider?? You and I both know that they give you some large time frame, like 8am - 4pm, and then show up at 5:45, if they show up at all!!! If they do show up, they fix one problem then leave, and sometimes you have to call them back to fix another they cause while they were there. This is a waste of time and money. By having Comm-in-Cents inspect and do the work needed, we eliminate that hassle and waste. Here's the best part, we can do it before they move in, after they move in, even before they sale the property. When we finish, we give YOU (our clients) a one-year certificate they can pass on to the other buyer. This raises the value of the property. Just give us a call and let us prove it to you, with a free estimate.


Comm-in-Cents is a communication integration company. What we do is inspect properties data system for today’s digital needs. Take a look at our website at: