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Daufuskie Island, South Carolina: Beating back the prospects of a slow real estate market, The Daufuskie Company announces that it has participated in 4 transactions going under contract in four weeks time. We are confident this activity is a sign of better things to come for real estate on Daufuskie Island, a 5000 acre island between Savannah, Georgia, and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. By partnering with other real estate firms, an effective use of online marketing, and representing the Haig Point Community and Club Association on Daufuskie Island, the company has used a myriad of methods to close deals despite current market conditions. These transactions will contribute to the evolution of the community - one will be a vacation home for a "returning" Daufuskie Island property owner, another will be a primary residence for a family from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and yet another will be a weekend getaway for a Savannah resident: the fabric of island life is re-woven as each new owner arrives or returns. "I hear the tales of woe each and nearly every day from my colleagues in the industry," remarked Charles Cauthen, President, The Daufuskie Company. "But getting buyers and sellers together is about grit, determination and above all attitude. I am proud to say that our agents have kept their resolve in the face of such obstacles, and the results speak for themselves." "It's certainly my experience that buyers are out there - they have their demands and obviously they are in the driver's seat as far as setting the terms of the deal. But they will pay for quality, and that's what Daufuskie Island offers. On the selling side, it's critical that owners list their properties at a reasonable price - some homes sit on the market literally for years without even a single offer, some with no traffic," observed Bea Wray, Sales Agent, The Daufuskie Company. "A realistic asking price partnered with aggressive and creative selling will lead to continued activity."


Selling Daufuskie Island is not so much selling real estate as it is selling a way of life:

"What is a generator," my six year old son asked. The lights on Daufuskie Island had just flickered into darkness, the basketball game disappeared from the TV and the stir fry on the stove came to an abrupt halt. We looked around the neighborhood and upon seeing lights across the way my husband said, "there is Larry's generator."

Heading for the flashlight I started to explain about the storm, electricity, public utilities, and of course private generators. By now our 8 year old daughter was in the mix with her own questions and trying to comfort the curly headed three year old, "don't worry Bub, you'll be OK." At first the house felt not only dark, but cold and uncertain. I checked the clock and immediately wondered if we should catch the next ferry to the mainland and spend the night with family. My dear husband remained calm and discouraged that idea. Before long the house was aglow with candles, the fire place crackled with warmth. The children began piano and violin concerts and we talked. Later we read our next chapter of a Laura Ingalls Wilder book and relished in it.

Are those special quiet family evenings she described gone? Is there a way to get them back into our culture? What REALLY is a generator? As far as I could tell, a generator was something that keeps people from the most precious family time imaginable. I don't want one. Is it possible that something which is intended to give actually takes? How often do we "give" our children scheduled activities and organized sports? As a result we often take away their creative space and time, their chance to explore and discover. We "give" them endless choices and take away the boundaries necessary to thrive.

What are you unknowingly "taking" from your loved ones today?


The Daufuskie Company is the expert real estate team for Daufuskie Island. Whether you seek a deep water home site, or investment property, you'll find it through The Daufuskie Company.