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It’s 2008. How’s your website? You do have one, right? OK, good. And how’s it working for ya? In the world of virtual marketing, if your website isn’t producing the results you want, this is a checklist of six basic elements your website must have. I’m not going to get into search engine optimiza...
Quiz question: What is the most valuable asset of your business? Like most business people, you may take a quick mental survey of your balance sheet. Is it your property? Your accounts receivable? Your equipment? You won’t find the answer on your balance sheet. Your most important business asset,...
There are four basic elements that form the foundation of your marketing. In part I of this series, I’m going to talk about your business logo. I recommend you have a master copy of your logo. You’ll save time, and get better quality in all your printing. Your image will remain consistent. This ...
Newspapers, books and magazines, as we know them today, will become a thing of the past. I saw a product that convinced me. Amazon’s Kindle is going to revolutionize print advertising. So…What is the Kindle? Launched by Amazon in November 2007, this is a cross between a laptop and cellphone. The ...
I just finished a series of Squidoo Lenses for my client, The Brotherhood of Bald People. And these lenses are on a subject near and dear to my heart…and my head. The 6-part Series is all about being bald. Our intent was to find people who were interested in the topic of baldness in a unique way....
When everyone is zigging, you have to zag That’s what I say to clients who want to be different and stand out from the competition. Let’s face it…real estate is filled with a lot of agents who are finding the housing marketing a challenge in 2008. Here’s one marketing idea that a real estate clie...

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Chris Mitchell is the President and Founder of 25-8 Marketing, a full service advertising agency that plans and implements marketing programs for small to medium-sized businesses. He is a consultant, speaker and author and has worked with hundreds of companies. He has 20+ years of real-world advertising experience, and understands the marketing challenges of the small business owner.

Chris works with real estate professionals, home builders, and many other clients to help them build their business.

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