In less than two months, the National Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors will meet in private to talk about the future of As I documented in my special report, Zillow and Trulia have made significant gains over the last five years and now outrank in unique monthl...
In January of 2008, my friend Andy Kaufman announced an idea to bring the unconference to the real estate industry. RE BarCamp was born. I didn't quite understand what it was, I just know I wanted to ba a part of it. Months later, after a lot of work, I started having serious doubts. I mean, it's...
Are you going to Inman connect? How many people do you intend to meet? What areas of knowledge do you want to boulster? Are you along for the ride, or do you have a plan? Whether you lobycon it, or buy a full honking pass to Inman Connect San Francisco, there's little dispute that this event is o...
I've been away from posting on Active Rain for eleven months. So long, that every link in my profile was wrong. So long that my avatar was outdated. So long, that I forgot how to post here. But the truth is, I was never really here, even when I was here. I think it's kind of funny that the folks ...
We receive the occasional email asking if REBlogWorld is available ala carte. That is, just our event on Friday, and not packaged with Blog World & New Media Expo. We can’t do that. But I wouldn’t want to offer it, even if I could. We’re supremely confident that sessions we have set up for REBlog...
... should't Louis do a little more than this in his effort to evaluate it? I questioned it's usefullness as well. But once I started using it, really using it. I finally "got it".   I'm tcar on Twitter. Let's connect!
We'll have more than a dozen speakers at RE BlogWorld. Here are the first three Teresa Boardman Author of the St. Paul Real Estate Blog, Teresa Boardman is a great blogger in many respects. She has a lethal sense of humor, she’s a great writer, and she’s an even better teacher. But what truly set...
OK, so you've made it to Active Rain. That proves at the very least that you understand the importance on building your online reputation, and the power of Internet marketing. So, no what? Join me at RE BlogWorld to find out! This three day conference on September 19-21 at the Las Vegas Conventi...
I used to sell web sites to mortgage brokers in the Pre-Google erra. At that time, being on page one was everything, and we knew how to do. One problem though, Google came along and changed the game. It's because of this experience that I've never been a proponent of SEO as the only, or even the ...
I speaking at the REALTOR Rally in Denver next week on Client Relationship Management and am curious as to how many of you currently use email to keep in touch with your client base. I really appreciate any feedback on services or software that you use as well.

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