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The Federal reserve slashed a key interest rate by 1/2 point today. What does this mean to us here on the streets? If you are a borrower who can obtain credit, you should see rates drop on various kinds of loans. It will be less expensive for people to finance credit card debt, home equity lines ...
In all of my years of meeting people, listening to their heartaches and joys of home ownership. I have never left an appointment in tears until last Thursday. For  years now every listing appointment was celebrating the joy of how much money the homeowner would make by selling the home that they...
What is market absorption? It is a mathematical approach to determine the rate at which inventory is "absorbed"(engulfed wholly) into the market. Inventory is the number of homes for sale in the market.A division of homes sold on average over the last 12 months, 6 months and then 3 months will de...
I have had a lot of people ask me: "How is the real estate market?". My response always gains a reaction of bewilderment from the person that I am speaking to. The market has two things to say...(it's the market that always does the talking). 1) The average sales price has decreased from 2nd qtr...
I was in a property last week that was seriously contaminated with mold. I really never realized the negative effects of mold until I spent an hour in this property. As I opened the door, I looked in the home towards the kitchen in the rear of the house.I saw the color black everywhere. (the hous...
I have been learning about real estate blogging.  I have read the articles, searched the web and talked to the hosts of other web bloggs. What I have learned is that I have been doing this all wrong.  I need to make frequent short entries. I have decided that I will treat my blogg as a "release"...

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