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A broker, just like the agent's that work underneath them, is largely motivated by sales volume and expansion. Just as in any sales business, numbers count and without them there is no business to speak of. In life, there are always motivational forces driving us behind the actions we take, const...
Staging a home correctly is one of the most critical aspects of the home selling process. It can either make or break a deal, and has the potential to attract buyers or send them running towards another listing in the neighborhood. It may even bring buyers to question whether they want to live in...
Concern of Europe's impending debt crisis and less than satisfactory job growth in the U.S. markets has driven investors to a  safer option: government bonds. In turn, the U.S. is seeing mortgage rates that are at their lowest in the course of the past four decades. According to Freddie Mac, the ...
One of the vital aspects in the role of a Real Estate agent is to inform your clients of the current economic conditions in your given market and accurately reflect these conditions in your valuation of a home. I find that many realtors, as a result of desperation to secure a listing or pure negl...

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