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Strengthen your purchase offer and beat the competition with these 10 tips!
HomeStyle Renovation Loan: What You Need to Know     Rich Hirsch Vice President of Mortgage Lending o: 732.424.3610 - m: 908.410.9066 - f: 773.3...
Double Your Business! Top Agents Show You How Start with the area of your business that needs the most attention and follow our step-by-step process. Check out our latest content including tips, webinars and marketing tools designed to double your business. https://...
  If you wonder how lenders determine how much house you can afford and would like to run your own numbers then you're in the right place. For this reason, Guaranteed Rate is committed to offering you jargon-free educational mortgage resources on this and many other topics.   Believe it or not, t...
Homeownership is not the American Dream in, and of, itself.  The American Dream is personal and family security, self-sufficiency and the ability to improve one’s situation with hard work and sacrifice. Homeownership is a key ingredient for attaining those goals and is a more reliable a sign than...
First — When providing Bank Statements, there are a few key things to remember: All Bank Statements: You want to be sure that you include ALL numbered pages of each bank account or other asset statement. Example: "Page 1 of 8" might be nothing more than a cover sheet and page "8 of 8" might be no...
My previous blog talked about being prepared of a natural disaster. Part of that preparation should include revisiting your homeowner’s insurance policy and speaking with your agent sooner rather than later. If your house burns to the ground, you need to not only replace the house and all your th...
While we hope disasters will never come, they have become an unwelcome fact of life here in the northeast and throughout the country. As the expression says, "Hope is Not a Strategy," therefore it is vital that we have a plan to address a disaster if it occurs. Planning and preparing for a disast...
 There is an abundance of misinformation about credit scores. The information below is accurate and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.   1. The Players •    Beacon at Equifax •    FICO Risk Score at Transunion (Empirica) •    Experian/Fair Isaac at Experian   2. Main r...
  A Mortgage Calculator for Any Occasion Payment Calculator Rent vs. Buy Interest-Only Payments How Much Can I Borrow? Will Refinancing Benefit Me?   Contact: Rich Hirsch Senior Loan Officer (908) 410-9066 NM...

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