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  I am pleased to be able to share some decent news about the Boise Real Estate Market with a really cheesy grin.  I don’t claim to be a prophet with regard to markets and I also don’t want to cry wolf, but for the last 3 weeks I have been watching the Market Action Index.  The Market Action Inde...
  Selling homes these days has become more difficult than ever.  Add to it the fact that a lot of sellers are upside-down on their home; They owe the bank more than it is worth.  Many sellers are trying so hard to get out from under their home that they are looking to Realtors now, more than ever...
  In case you haven’t noticed, our real estate market currently favors buyers, not sellers.  Buyers have ample choice with many homes to look at and they have the upper hand when it comes to negotiating things like closing costs, price reductions, down payment assistance, and other terms.  But fo...
  It seems as though grocery stores, mega-stores and department stores put their seasonal stuff out so early, that it’s easy to forget what season we’re really  in.  If you’ve forgotten about Halloween, its likely that you dont have any kids running around your house reminding you constantly.  My...
  It came up yesterday with a buyer client of mine who called and asked if he should lock in his loan. The circumstances of his particular transaction are a bit unique because he is buying a short sale and we are awaiting the sellers banks approval, so the actual closing date is up in the air. Gi...

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