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Today's Real Estate Market at large (Buyers, Sellers, MLS Data, Financing, etc.) has become very transparent.  Buyers and sellers can educate themselves like never before.  This shift has caused many changes in how we do business as Realtors -  Some of us have embraced it and others are fighting it.  see http://boiserealestatesoup.com Nowadays, you have instant access to Market Availabilities when it comes to re-sale inventory.  You can even post your own home online.  With all of these great technological inventions, you are still better off with the expertise of an Agent who is involved in this changing process on a daily basis.  Sure, you can search for homes on your own, I encourage it!  Sure you can list your own home...ok well I don't encourage that, but it's possible.  In either case, who has your best interests in mind?  I do. I am continually making adjustments in my business to provide you the access to the information.  My business has modified its ways of communication to suit your needs and help you meet your life goals.  Now, more than ever am I positiioned to provide you with instant market news, updates and access to the best deals on the market.  With all of these changes, I haven't lost my integrity, my honesty and my attention to your wants and needs.  If you are looking for an agent who can do real estate the way its being done in todays world at todays pace and is able to protect you and your family from the pitfalls involved in the Buying and Selling process, then I am your Agent. Give me a call @ 208-724-7602/ email me at aaronmcatt@gmail.com / Send me SMS @ 208-724-7602 / follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/aaroncatt or view my facebook profile

For Buyers:  I look at Real Estate from a different perspective than most agents; relationally.  I believe that a positive and supportive relationship with my clients allows me to better understand your life goals and wants & needs.  Helping you focus on those goals ensures a real estate transaction that is purposeful and effective in achieving the things that mean most to you and your family - anything less and I would be just another Real Estate Salesman.


For Sellers:  Thankfully I work for a company who has been able to lead the industry technologically.  My training, coaching and tools are all geared and developed for gaining 100% exposure for your home!  We are striving to market where the buyers are and today, most have put down newspapers and have turned on their computers to locate the home that best fits their needs.  At John L. Scott, I am given the tools and the training to understand this concept far better than the competition.


For Investors:  Most transactions stop at the closing table.  Fortunatley for you, I own a small and very specialized Property Management Company so I am capable of not only helping you identify excellent investments PRIOR to the closing, I am here to help you AFTER the closing.  I have a firm understading of the Property Management process and have put my money where my mouth is;  I am personally vested in rental properties throughout the Boise Area.