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  During the course of one of my very first training sessions we had a very nice lady who was new to the Real Estate business. After talking to her for a few minutes I began to realize that this was probably the most timid person I had ever met in my life. As most of you know I am a raging fool w...
  Ok, every now and again I just have to vent. I watch as people attempt to trash our Supreme Court and Hobby Lobby over the recent landmark court decision and wonder out loud, WHY?   Where you work is a choice and if you don’t like the benefits they offer, don’t work there. Hobby Lobby has not c...
  A dream team in Texas! As most everyone knows I love Real Estate and my second love in business is entertainment. Last Year Bob Mauldin of 31 West Productions and I developed Extreme Real Estate for TV and had a blast. Extreme Real Estate got kicked up the line for National consideration, but w...
  Look around for a minute in your community. How many good small businesses do you see? I mean good ones, not the ones that are clearly not going to make it. How do you support them and does your own business stack up well against them?   My wife and I buy local every chance we get and if we do ...
Yep, you're a real pro! You don't answer your phone and your voice mailbox is full and has been for as long as anybody knows, but you will show up and get your check after we do all the work. Does this happen in all markets? OK, I'm just kidding, I know it does and I know we all wonder how these...
  Buy local and know who you’re dealing with!  Competition is a good thing and we have an abundance of it in East Texas. As the Real Estate market heats up we are seeing a familiar trend raring its head again. Builders from Dallas and other areas coming into our area to build. You see, when you ...
Miller Homes group is honored to have been chosen by the developer of the Cascades in Tyler Texas to finish selling phase one and the market over 300 home sites in phase two. The Cascades has been the premier golf community in East Texas for many years and has hosted the Texas Open several years...
    Are you looking for trees in your own forest?  I own all the real estate how to books and read about the new latest and greatest how to get more sellers or buyers from time to time.   However, I am finding that looking at other successful businesses totally unrelated to real estate gives me ...
  Are buyers and sellers under siege?  As I look at HUDS from deals that our agents are closing I see an alarming trend and it’s mainly from franchised offices, but a few independents are doing it as well.   FEES, FEES and more FEES! By now we’ve all read that transaction fees are a no-no, but it...
What’s your hobby or hobbies? Yard work? Fishing? Hunting? Golf? You name it, this is the time of year to get outside.  For me it’s golf! I love the smell of fresh cut grass (that I didn’t mow) and the feeling of being outside with some good friends and add to that chasing that #$%&^% ball all o...

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Miller Homes Group, your best choice for your Real Estate needs. Call or come by today and see what our resources can do for you.